Meta has made yet another strategic move with the launch of Threads by Instagram, which hit the app stores a day earlier than expected on Wednesday July 5th, 2023.

Meta has a proven track record of replicating successful features from competitors and launching clone products. Two notable examples are Stories and Reels, which have enjoyed immense popularity over the last few years.

This new app could potentially disrupt the status quo and challenge Twitter’s market share in the social media landscape. As digital marketers at Direct Agents, we are excited to announce our presence on Threads and explore the possibilities that the new platform may bring for our clients.

The Timely Launch of Threads Is No Coincidence

Twitter has recently faced criticism due to Elon Musk’s policy updates that limit users’ tweet visibility and introduce new restrictions based on verification status. Meta aims to capitalize on this backlash by offering an alternative platform where users can enjoy a more seamless and engaging experience.

Meta Banks on Leveraging Instagram’s User Base for Quick Success

With more than two billion active monthly users on Instagram, Meta has a significant advantage in terms of existing user base. By integrating Instagram’s features into Threads, Meta hopes to attract a substantial portion of this user base and provide a compelling alternative to Twitter. Meta even announced that they will allow users to retain their existing Instagram handles to build continuity between their platforms.

Business Opportunities & What This Means for Marketers

After discussing with Meta, we can confirm that Threads is initially expected to cater to consumers and will not provide an immediate opportunity for advertisers. However, Meta’s history suggests that it will eventually introduce business-oriented features, presenting exciting new opportunities for brands and marketers alike.

If Threads gains traction and becomes a successful rival to Twitter, Meta may integrate it into its Ads Manager, increasing overall ad inventory and potentially leading to lower CPMs, which would benefit advertisers and brands.

Direct Agents’ Approach

As a digital marketing agency committed to innovation, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve. The Direct Agents’ team is closely monitoring business opportunities and assessing how Threads by Instagram can benefit our clients, helping them test, scale, and achieve their marketing objectives.

To learn more about Direct Agents’ Threads initiatives or to get in touch with one of our digital growth strategists, please contact [email protected].

Corey Levine, VP of Integrated Media, Direct Agents