More Than Just Metrics

Influencer Marketing has the power to drive significant purchase intent, so taking an “Always On” approach is critical for sustained success. The primary focus should first be on casting the right influencers along with establishing maximum transparency and specificity in business goals. Brands shouldn’t be afraid to challenge influencers to be “open-minded and able-bodied” with their brand partners — ensuring close alignment and successful collaboration.

Content Strategy: Post Pulses

To maximize the impact of Influencer Marketing, brands should create a series of posts for the same product or title rather than relying on one-off posts. This approach, known as “pulses,” ensures the product gets in front of intended audiences and sustains engagement, reinforcing the product message over time.

Driving Lower Funnel Outcomes

While Influencer Marketing was initially seen as primarily an awareness-driving channel, it has evolved into a powerful tool for driving action throughout the entire marketing funnel. This evolution is particularly evident in its ability to influence lower-funnel outcomes such as conversions, sales, and customer loyalty. Influencer Marketing consistently ranks in the top 10% of revenue-driving channels for clients using Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) as a measurement method, underscoring its effectiveness in driving tangible business results.

When executed correctly, Influencer Marketing is fully addressable and trackable. The performance data from influencer campaigns can be meticulously tracked, analyzed, and integrated into a comprehensive MMM strategy. By focusing on total engagements rather than just engagement rates, brands can gain a holistic view of their marketing efforts and understand the direct impact of influencer collaborations on their overall revenue. This integration allows for more accurate attribution and optimization, helping brands identify which influencer strategies drive the most significant results and maximize ROI.

The Era of UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) is now the most consumed form of content. A scalable strategy involves delivering a variety of niche content pieces to specific audiences, utilizing many messaging points across numerous feeds. Platforms like Meta’s Reels partnership ads show higher video engagement, allowing businesses to capitalize on real-time trends and enhance their reach. UGC is revolutionizing the way consumers learn about brands by fostering a “show, don’t tell” approach. For example, a popular UGC trend on Meta in 2024 is the #GlowUpChallenge, where users share their personal transformation stories and progress in various aspects of life, from fitness journeys to home makeovers, generating authentic, relatable content that inspires others. UGC leverages the relatability and authenticity of everyday people to educate users of a product or service.

Platform Updates: Meta

Instagram’s recent update to its ranking system aims to promote eligible, original content to a broader audience beyond the creator’s followers. If the initial audience responds positively, the content will be shown to an even larger audience. This change levels the playing field for smaller creators, giving them a better chance to be discovered and expand their content reach. For brands, this means that authentic partnerships with smaller creators are going to become even more important than before.

Know Your Audience for Internal Presentations

When presenting Influencer campaign results internally, it’s important to tailor the presentation to your audience. Some stakeholders might not fully understand the significance of a 5% versus a 7% engagement rate. In such cases, presenting anecdotal evidence — such as impactful comments from the audience — can make the data more relatable. This storytelling approach highlights the tangible benefits of influencer campaigns, making the results more meaningful and understandable.

As new opportunities arise in the Influencer Marketing space, staying adaptable and informed is key. If you’d like to learn more about our Influencer Marketing solutions or speak with one of our experts, please contact [email protected].

Ava Ganz, Creative & Influencer Coordinator, Direct Agents

Sammy Clark, Brand Marketing Specialist, Direct Agents