Omni-Channel eCommerce

We Help Brands Navigate the Complexities of Retail to Achieve Meaningful, Long-term Value


Omni-Channel eCommerce

We Help Brands Navigate the Complexities of Retail to Achieve Meaningful, Long-term Value

The contemporary shopper explores and buys everywhere, but new capabilities, new buying models, and lack of transparency make it difficult for brands to develop a cohesive and holistic strategy.

Direct Agents manages every touchpoint of your retail strategy, turning fragmentation into a seamless omnichannel experience.

Retail Strategy & Growth Expansion

Product & Investment Strategy

Integrated Media

User Experience

Measurement & Modeling


Mapping Your

Shopper’s Journey

Direct Agents meticulously charts the shopper journey within your category to ensure that every interaction with your brand is optimized for engagement, conversion, and loyalty. Our approach is designed to meet customers at each critical phase of their shopping experience, from initial awareness to long-term brand loyalist.


Invest for Long-

Term Profitability

Our strategic approach first determines the true cost of delivering a product to the customer, serving as the basis for tailored strategies designed to optimize to long term profitability. This comprehensive understanding allows us to precisely adjust our methods to better fit the specific needs and contexts of different retail environments.

Custom Product Approaches

Tailoring strategies to unique retailer profiles, customer demands, and fee structures.

Investment for Growth

Managing traffic, demand generation/capture, and price elasticity to maximize profitability.

True Cost


Evaluating total costs across distribution points for more accurate profitability assessments.


(Fully) Integrated


With over 50+ partner integrations, we provide holistic media management that covers all digital retailers and channels. With proprietary technology for bid optimization, media mix modeling, and performance forecasting, Direct Agents ensures your brand optimal exposure across each touchpoint of the shopper funnel.

Performance Media

Strategy, planning, and execution across all digital channels.

Market Analysis

Utilizing advanced AI to gain competitive insights and craft go to market.

Content Marketing & SEO

From funnel optimization to strategic landing page development.




& Modeling

Incrementality reigns in Retail. Our robust reporting and modeling tools delve deep into the drivers of incremental growth, blending online and offline data to craft the optimal mix to drive profitability and LTV. Our Media Mix model predicts the ideal outcomes for investment based on your first-party audience, which is then fed back into the larger Retailer strategy.




Custom dashboards providing a holistic performance overview.




Detailed sales attribution to measure online and offline campaign effectiveness.

Media Mix



Using statistical models to allocate media spend efficiently.

Our Proven Results

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