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The Direct Agents Podcast

In this podcast series, we’ll discuss the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing and feature guests that include brand advertisers, industry partners, and agency experts.

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Episode 008:

Innovating Through the Times. Maggie Curran, VP of Sales E-Commerce & Business Divisions at Belkin International
Dinesh Boaz
Maggie Curran

Episode 007:

Encouraging Enterprising Behaviors – Jason Whitman, VP, Customer Success at Justworks
Dinesh Boaz
Jason Whitman

Episode 006:

Building a Culture of High Peformance, Jared Zlotnick, Group Manager of Agency Partnerships at Google
Dinesh Boaz
Jared Zlotnick

Episode 005:

Starting a Premium Luxury Audio Company, Jonathan Levine, CEO and Founder of Master and Dynamic
Dinesh Boaz
Jonathan Levine

Episode 004:

From Banking to Entertainment, Jessica Malloy, CMO of CH Media
Dinesh Boaz
Jessica Malloy

Episode 003:

Trends, Challenges, and Growing Your Amazon Business
Dinesh Boaz
Daniel Owen

Episode 002:

Dinesh Boaz
Jonny Waite

Episode 001:

Dinesh Boaz
Megan Conahan

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