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About Us

18 Years

18 Years in Business: Defying the Ordinary since 2003

Our business has been built on adapting and driving change since the very beginning. As we enter a new reality of challenges, our teams remain committed to growing and innovating in this fast changing and dynamic marketplace. We pride ourselves on being an independent, minority-owned business, with our growth and success fueled by the grit and hustle of our diverse team of digital marketing professionals. In our 18 years as an agency, we have encouraged experimentation and pushed the limits on innovative ways to approach advertising.

Together, we think differently and we continue to shape the digital space into the future…

We are the Shapers of the Digital World.


To continue to grow Direct Agents as an independent business at the forefront of innovation, that will stand the test of time. Driven by a culture rich in diversity, passion, and education, and empowered to make an impact across the social justice movements of our time.

That provides a livelihood for our employees that balances work & life, in an environment where we can constantly build, learn and grow.



Direct Agents was founded in 2003 by brothers Josh and Dinesh Boaz, who both shared a passion and expertise for entrepreneurship, advertising & marketing. When they were young, the Boaz’s immigrated to the US from India and Sri Lanka. In part, this move taught the Boaz’s the importance of a hard work ethic, passion, and innovation, which played a huge role in the development of Direct Agents.

Eighteen years later, Direct Agents still continues to expand as an independently-owned, digital agency with offices in NYC & LA. The team is diverse, agile, collaborative, and driven to continue to learn and grow.

Our full-service digital marketing agency innovates and specializes in customer acquisition solutions. Our data-driven approach to campaign strategy, combined with best-of-breed technology, allows us to identify and dynamically engage customers, while dramatically increasing the efficiency of marketing spend.

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