Threads has seen massive adoption and growth over the past 24 hours, quickly gaining 10 million users faster than any other platform (10 million users in 7 hours).

While Threads is very much a work in progress, many users are really enjoying it so far. It may be missing some of the bells and whistles that more developed platforms have, but we think it’s a great first stab with serious potential to really challenge Twitter.

With so much buzz in the industry, brands are already jumping in to contribute to the fun and establish themselves on Threads. A few noticeable Brands that have set up Threads profiles are: Lyft, Netflix, Dunkin, Sephora, Wendys, Pepsi and others.

Here’s what we know right now: Threads is available for all Instagram account types from creators to businesses to personal accounts (in countries where it is available). While Meta encourages businesses to experiment with Threads as part of their organic social strategy where it makes sense, it is still an early experience. At this time, there are no ads or monetization features on Threads.

Usernames for Threads: Since you log in to Threads using your Instagram account, your username will be the same as your Instagram username and cannot be claimed by another profile. If you update your username on Instagram, that will be reflected on Threads.

While the app certainly presents a lot of opportunity, it is still very new and there aren’t really any established recommendations or POVs for how businesses should use Threads organically. So, it’s important to buckle up and embrace the excitement of testing and experimenting on a new platform. As we begin to learn more, here are a few initial ideas for how brands can organically leverage Threads.

  • Customer service

  • Direct engagement with fans/followers

  • Share valuable content (schedules, promotions, upcoming events, or seasonal moments that matter)

  • Socially engage with other brands and influencers (think when brands are seen chatting on Twitter)

Remember to Thread lightly and have some fun!

Corey Levine, VP of Integrated Media, Direct Agents