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We develop custom and sustainable strategies to drive business growth and profitability during volatile times and times of increasing costs.

Industry Leading Proprietary Technology

We’ve developed the most advanced, organic growth and competitive intelligence technologies, plus AI-powered campaign management.


We take care of it all, from product setup to maximizing product listings, brand awareness and sales velocity, while always keeping an eye on profitability.


Marketplaces have become extremely complex and we make sure our clients have all the data they need, at their fingertips and in one place.


We are a passionate and dedicated team, and go above and beyond for our clients.


Our Unfair Technology


AI Powered Campaign Management


Feedback for On-page Management & Optimization Technology (FOMO)


Custom Amazon & Retail Media Dashboards & Interface


Competitive & Marketplace SOV Technology (Share-of-Voice & Rankings)


Full Product Detail Page Monitoring Technology


Real-Time Bidding Technology

Proprietary Amazon Technology

Industry’s 1st & Only Feedback for On-page Management & Optimization (FOMO) Technology

Our technology monitors all PDP changes and integrates with Amazon to pull all performance metrics in order to plot any change or performance metric against another. Understand and measure impact such as PDP change, or price vs BSR, Glance Views, Ordered Revenue, CVR, etc.

Measure SOV & Competitors By Product Category

Identify Key Competitors & Their Movements in Each Category

Daily Organic Rankings & SOV

Measure The Precise Impact Of Your Organic Optimizations & Use Learnings to Further Enhance Optimizations

Amazon Data All In One Place (AMS + Sell-Through Data)

By Day, Month, Year or Any Range, Without Limits

Hourly SOV, Enabling Precise Feedback & Bid Management

Dominate Search Results With The Lowest Bid To Maintain and Guarantee Complete Brand Protection

Share-Of-Voice (SOV) Technology - SB & SP Ads + Organic

Integration of AMS Spend and Sell-Through Data For Precise Feedback & Optimization

Amazon & Retail Media Strategy

Success in eCommerce requires a holistic and calculated strategy to grow your brand awareness, sales, and profit margins. Our team of experts develop bespoke strategies for your brand and products that encompass the spectrum of Amazon and Retail marketplaces, and if needed, all other digital media channels. We have the experience to take products from conversion-challenging to conversion-driving even in the toughest categories.


Brand Strategy


Product & Launch Strategy


Media Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting


SEO & Organic Ranking Optimization


Promotional Strategy


Inventory Forecasting


Beta Access & Testing


Product Page Upload & Optimization


Storefront, A+, and Creative Imagery/Design


1P and 3P Strategy

Our Digital Retail Network

Our Digital Retail Ecosystem

Organic Approach & Strategy

With rising cost of goods, freight fees, Amazon fees and more, success in eCommerce goes far beyond just advertising efforts and must be set on a foundation of sustainable growth. An organic strategy and framework has to be developed, implemented, measured and continuously optimized to drive your business into the next stages of growth. Our team of experts, backed by our industry-first Feedback for On-Page Management and Optimization (FOMO) Technology, understands and studies your products and target customers along with each marketplaces’ search algorithm for a complete approach to your SEO, while building a cohesive brand experience to establish consumer trust and drive new customer acquisition.


Account Setup


Product Strategy & Listing Optimization


Feedback for On-page Management & Optimization Technology (FOMO)


Review Generation


A+/Rich Media Optimization


Storefront Design


A/B Testing


Pricing and Promotions Strategy and Testing


Competitive Analysis

Multi-Marketplace Media

We take time to understand your brand, products, market demand, and competition to develop a custom strategy that will truly scale your eCommerce business. Whether it’s media planning & forecasting, non-brand and brand maximization, competitive conquesting, or dominating seasonal shopping periods like Prime Day, our data-backed Retail Media strategy maximizes advertising revenue across the world’s largest marketplaces.

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  • Sponsored Brand
  • Sponsored Brand Video
  • Amazon DSP
  • Sponsored Product
  • Sponsored Brand Amplifier
  • Walmart Connect – Display Advertising
Target, Best Buy, Instacart, and more
  • Sponsored Product Placement
  • Utilize API Partners such as Criteo or CitrusAd
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  • Sponsored Shops

Our Work

Our Amazon & ECommerce Blog

Retail Media: Expanding Your Media Focus To Walmart and Target 

Retail Media: Expanding Your Media Focus To Walmart and Target 

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Unlocking the Power of Amazon’s Free Seller Tools

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Amazon SEO Testing Opportunities to Maximize Brands’ CVR

Amazon SEO Testing Opportunities to Maximize Brands’ CVR

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Increased Amazon Fees – How to Stay Profitable with FBA

Increased Amazon Fees – How to Stay Profitable with FBA

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Amazon: Make Your Brand Recession-Proof in 2023

Amazon: Make Your Brand Recession-Proof in 2023

With only a few weeks into Q1, it’s important that Amazon Sellers take a step back and evaluate the economic reality.  Inflation has been in full swing for over a year, the FED raised interest rates seven times in 2022 (with more on the way this year), and the market...

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