Case Study

Belkin, an industry-leading electronics manufacturer, had seen YoY sales declines across key retail partners

As COVID ensued, Belkin tasked DA to concept a new media strategy to capture the work-from-home demand and grow sales

Focus on marketing essential products consumers needed most to increase their productivity

Direct Agents identified the creative elements that were key to capture the work from home demand and convert this interest into sales

New imagery was concepted that focused on the product as the hero, with design and copy that balanced functionality with a human touch

Restructured Amazon by product subcategory, with over 67 campaigns and ~16,690 keywords to quickly identify and scale the account

Ad Strategy focused on conquesting buybox on key competitor detail pages, while also protecting Belkin’s own detail pages by cross-selling the newest HERO products

Marketplace expansion was also a key focus, goal of making it easy for consumers to buy products online or in-store at the retailer of their choosing

Best Buy, Walmart, and Target now managed under DA, we now had visibility into retailer acquisition costs that allowed us to shift paid investments and grow topline sales


consecutive months of YoY Growth on Amazon


increase in YoY revenue across storefront


increase in glance views


total business growth across retail units