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Paid Search

Invest in results, not just clicks. Transform your brand into an industry leader with our Paid Search experts.

Best in class Paid Search Performance & Strategy Agency

Enterprise Paid Search Strategy

We are your business partners, not just consultants. Our industry leading paid search strategy team works with you to empower your business to achieve new levels of growth.

AI-Powered Campaign Performance & Personal Campaign Management

Supercharge your campaigns to acquire customers at scale with our mix of custom API campaign bidding automation and exceptional human campaign management

Internationalization & Localization

Capture consumer intent across the globe with targeted keywords, customized ad copy, and regional search engines to connect with people in their own tone and language

Google and Microsoft Advertising Premier Agency

This rare designation gives us dedicated support from Google and Microsoft advertising representatives, from troubleshooting to growth opportunities

Shopping Feed Management

Grow consumer sales with our advanced paid and organic shopping shopping strategies meant to maximize profit and prevent revenue loss

Performance YouTube Strategy and TV

From mobile to CTV devices, we go beyond brand awareness and help YouTube drive sales across the marketing funnel to grow your business

Custom and Proprietary Paid Search Technology

Data driven paid search performance is who we are. Our team of experts proudly dismiss the “one-size fits all” approach to paid search campaign management. We employ machine learning to ensure your campaigns are truly data driven, but with a strategy tailored to your business:

We work with you to understand what your business goals are, and from there, we find the right bidding strategy for your business from our custom API bid strategy library.

By employing machine learning, we take the guess-work out of campaign bidding and deliver unprecedented growth and efficiency for your business.

Simultaneously, our experts are constantly analyzing the bidding strategies’ performance to make any and all adjustments to the algorithms to give you peace of mind that your campaigns are not left on auto-pilot with no oversight.

Enterprise Paid Search Strategy – Global Capabilities

Strategy AI-Powered Campaign Management Shopping Feed Management Shopping Feed Management
Omnichannel media planning Custom Bidding API Implementation Google & Bing Campaigns In-House Video Ad Creation
Exhaustive account audit Proprietary account scripts Product Group Structure YouTube Select & YouTube CTV
Online-offline attribution ROAS, CPA, SOV and Sales Automated bidding strategies Product Attribute and Description Testing True-View for Action
Macro and micro conversion optimization Dynamic Remarketing Promotion Management YouTube Shopping Campaigns
Competitor SOV Analysis Back-end goal campaign optimization Feed Health Audit Constant creative testing

What Makes our Paid Search Strategy Unique

We Are Not Just Your Paid Search Marketing Agency.
We Are Your Business Partner.

When you entrust us with your paid search investment, we take it to heart. From our very first meeting to ongoing management, we are dedicated to the success of your business.

We begin with a business overview discussion, identifying not only your current business goals but also your future ones. Our mission is to help you achieve your future goals faster and help you discover new opportunities for growth, such as new campaign types or new world markets.

From there, we perform an exhaustive audit of your current paid search campaigns, identifying major weaknesses that need to be corrected immediately, as well as strengths that we will make even stronger. We then create a plan of attack, outlining our initial roadmap for success.

We use our roadmap to inform our omnichannel media plan, prioritizing investment in existing areas key to the growth of your business, as well as new opportunities to test.

We identify micro-conversion activities such as add-to-cart, email sign-ups, white paper downloads, demo video views, among other activities, to better understand your customers and nurture them from consideration to purchase.

Once you and our team are aligned on strategy, we activate media, using our data driven approach to achieve your goals. We continually test everything - keywords, ad copy, bidding strategies, landing pages, campaign types and more to find the right mix essential for success.

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