Google’s International Growth Workshop is a global marketing summit that brings together innovators from across the advertising industry. This year’s workshop took place at Google’s Pier 57 office, giving attendees the opportunity to connect and share ideas with the International Growth team and other IGAP agencies.

Direct Agents team members from across departments had the opportunity to join this small group workshop, as only 0.5% of agencies are a part of this program. When the workshop concluded, we asked our team members to reflect upon their IGAP experiences and share any learned insights. Here are some of their takeaways:

  1. Google’s team shared that of our planet’s population of over 8 billion, 68% are mobile phone users with a median age of 30. For digital marketers, these statistics create opportunities to leverage mobile strategies and target this substantial, young demographic.
  2. 48% of Gen Z’s want to engage with brands to influence product innovation and 30% make a purchase based on brands’ social/political beliefs. Showcasing authentic brand values and understanding your audience are key to growing brand loyalty and awareness.
  3. Less than 7% of global internet users will come from the US & CA in 2023, with the majority coming from Asia. To stay current, brands need to adjust their global strategies to effectively reach and engage with international audiences.
  4. The average daily time spent using the internet hovers around 6 H 37M, which is down 5% YoY. While this might seem like a small shift, it suggests that users are becoming more selective with the content they consume. Marketers must piroritize creating compelling content that can capture users’ short attention.
  5. Last year, consumers spent $3.59 trillion dollars on consumer goods with a record 4.11 billion people purchasing online (8.3% increase YoY). It’s important for marketers to refine their eCommerce strategies to focus on personalized and seamless paths to purchase in order to attract and retain online shoppers.
  6. This year, McKinsey and Forbes recorded that there was an 100% increase in Google searches for “how to invest,” “how to manage portfolio” and “cheap travel.” Brands in the financial and travel verticals can leverage this trend by utilizing SEO-optimized content that answer these queries.
  7. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, consumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. With 93% being unique, marketers need to adjust their strategies to predict and plan rather than react.

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      Delphine Bussiere, Account Manager, Direct Agents

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