Direct Agents has won the 2017 international DotCOMM platinum award. The DotCOMM award is an international competition that honors excellence in web creativity and digital communication. It aims to award innovative creatives in the dynamic web who are transforming how we market and communicate products and services.

Direct Agents received the Platinum award for their digital strategy and execution with a Fortune 500 company looking to promote their brand new video streaming network. For this campaign, the client enlisted their services to introduce the brand and drive user acquisition with specific goals for generating app installs at an efficient CPI.

Extensive audience research and analysis were conducted to identify the ideal user segments for the video streaming network. Direct Agents worked with the brand to develop an intricate creative and messaging strategy to engage and resonate with their audience. Combined with an extensive micro-targeting strategy, the brand was able to determine which audiences responded best to various content themes. Custom messaging tactics allowed the brand to create highly personalized ads, which significantly increased response rates.

Direct Agents’ multi-channel, data-driven approach drove outstanding results. Within just 4 months, they exceeded the user acquisition goal by 45%, increased the user engagement rate by 27%, and generated a CPI of 32% below goal.