Digiday’s Media Buying Summit in New Orleans was a success, featuring speakers from industry-leading brands and agencies as they discussed opportunities for growth and innovation during uncertain times. Amongst these leaders were Corey Levine (VP of Integrated Media, Direct Agents) and Jessica Malloy (VP of Marketing, Marvel Entertainment) who dove into how media buying is shifting and a greater emphasis has been placed on creative to drive campaign growth and success in their session:


Social Strategy Should Be Driven by Media and Creative

Summary: In 2023, managing ads is simple. Creative strategy and messaging is hard. With the content creator industry booming, privacy initiatives becoming stronger, algorithms changing, and competition constantly increasing, marketers need to double down on the one constant: how people behave. In fact, media buyers no longer need to just understand the platforms, they also need to be able to provide creative recommendations as a key — if not a main optimization lever — in order for campaigns to be successful. In this session, Corey Levine, vice president of integrated media at Direct Agents and Jessica Malloy, vice president of marketing at Marvel Entertainment elaborated on why this is especially true in 2023.


Top Takeaways

Digiday’s Media Buying Summit was an opportunity to share our agency’s unique perspective, learn from other thought leaders, and grow our network in the industry. “Jessica and I had a wonderful discussion around how brands and marketers need to stop trying to win today’s advertising game with yesterday’s rules. Emphasizing why brand’s marketing strategies need to adapt and more marketers need to embrace an experimental mindset to find what works for their clients,” shared Corey Levine. 


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