Direct Agents Webinar Week: Key Takeaways

Last week we hosted three webinars, in three days! They covered everything from data and trends we’re currently seeing within Digital Marketing, how companies should be preparing to reopen, and everything you need to know about the current state of streaming. They featured speakers and insights from Soundcloud, Fuku, Inchindino, Altimeter, and lattice. Below you’ll find key takeaways from the sessions and the full recordings in case you missed them!

Webinar 1: The COVID-19  Impact on the Digital Marketing Landscape 

This webinar was led by experts Josh Boaz and Jackson Richards from Direct Agents and Omar from Altimeter, a Prophet Company. They analyzed the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and what it means for digital marketers, along with actionable takeaways and predictions on the future of digital marketing. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Over the past 2-weeks, every state (closed or open) has experienced flat or increased CVR in eCommerce campaigns.
    • Reopened states have outpaced the growth of states that never closed or have remained closed
  2. According to McKinsey & Company, Up to 19% of Americans have switched from their go-to brand and/or retailers due to COVID-19, with many switching store brands and shopping new websites for basics
    • More than half of consumers expect to maintain their new choice after COVID-19
  3. The transformation of experiences will continue post COVID-19.
    • Virtual engagement like telemedicine and virtual fitness is here to stay. Along with virtual engagements, there are new standards of services in the retail and hospitality industries that will be prominent as those begin to open up in the future.

Watch COVID-19  Impact on the Digital Marketing Landscape Here: 

Webinar 2: Weekly 10- Minute Trends  

This week’s 10 Minute Trends Webinar Featured our Director of Strategy, Jackson Richards, and Director of Client Services, Brittany Lange, along with guest Jennifer Wilder, Director of Performance Marketing at SoundCloud. In just 10 minutes, they covered everything you need to know about current streaming trends!

Key Takeaways

  1. Creating is up, while listening is down. People are spending more time at home, not commuting or traveling, leading to less time spent on streaming audio like Spotify and Soundcloud.
  2. Audio streaming may be down, but people are still listening but in different ways. More time at home has people turning to other devices for music and podcasts, listening on CE devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Streaming video is also up, likely eating into what may have been listening time before.
    • Brands opportunity: Be present on smart home devices. If a user asks a question relevant to your brand, you want to show up there just like you would on a search browser.  
  3. Many brands like Soundcloud are turning to new platforms to engage with their audience where they are now spending more time like Twitch and TikTok.
    • Brands Opportunity: Use this time to test these new channels and take advantage of lower advertising costs in general.

Watch Weekly 10-Minute Trends Webinar Here: 

Webinar 3:  Returning to the Workplace: How NYC Companies are Forging Ahead

In this webinar, HR experts, Sara Martinez-Noriega, Director of Human Resources, Direct Agents, Andy Przystanski, Content Marketing Manager, Lattice, Frank Palmieri, People & Development Manager, Fuku, & Chandler Bartsch, Talent Generalist, INDOCHINO discussed return-to-work plans, how to implement new technologies and other best practices for companies.

Key Takeaways

  1. Employees’ mental health is equally as important as their physical health. A great start is to provide resources and training for employees to open up the conversation.
  2. When discussing plans to return to the workplace it is important to consider three things:
    • Company: what works best for the business?
    • Employees: what measures will be taken to keep employees safe? How do they feel?
    • Building/Facility: what plans have the building managers and landlords put in place for shared spaces? e.g. Elevators, restrooms, and main lobbies.
  3. With all the new data collection, it is important to find a balance between employee privacy with workplace safety. Remember to only collect the data that you need and not to over-collect.
    • There are 3rd parties that can do the data collection for your business.

Watch Returning to the Workplace: How NYC Companies are Forging Ahead Here:  

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