Thank you for joining us for the final installment of our 2021 holiday planning webinar series! In case you missed it, or if you want to rewatch it, please see our recap and video linked below.

Utilizing first-party data & discovering new customers

  • Advertisers should be ensuring that they are investing time in proper site tracking, and media tagging systems so that they can make the most of retargeting and re-engage with a dedicated audience base + past customers. 
  • Be sure to refresh segmented seed audiences that can be used for Lookalike modeling before peak purchase periods.
  • Reassess suppression windows.  A lot more buyers are going to be changing to repeat purchase behavior, especially if you are going in and out of sales periods. 
    • Keeping your standard prospecting suppression windows could end up reducing the value of some of your top segments. 

Defining holiday goals

  • With brand loyalty wavering, it’s best to ensure you have a presence on at least a few platforms. Ensure you have a presence on the social platforms your brand has a high affinity with. 
  • Utilize the creative shopping tools of emerging platforms effectively & genuinely (UGC, Feeds, Videos, Mobile-first, etc). 
  • Show up on top competitive pages and follow the consumer through their shopping journey.

Creating a seamless user experience

  • Have more flexibility when it comes to cross-channel optimizations and add additional KPIs along the consumer journey. Be prepared to pivot as needed.
  • Ensure your brand store is updated for the holidays. Use this space to highlight your deals and increase average order value. 
  • Be cognizant of reviews. If a consumer has a bad experience with your product, reach out right away → the customer will change their review if you provide great customer service, and giving a refund can actually save you a lot of money compared to a few bad reviews on your product pages. 
  • Review creative performance and focus on creative that converts. Create a sense of urgency and tailor your messaging to specific audiences.

Managing inventory & shipping delays

  • Brands should embrace this hybrid approach where possible and be able to direct customers to alternative purchasing options, whether that’s in-store, or resellers.  
    • Including Link Out Buttons to other marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart that may still have your item in stock, the goal is to capture the sale and grow overall market share. 
  • Not every brand’s prime season is in Q4 in the best of years. If your brand has a peak time in February, don’t be afraid to pivot investment dollars away from Q4 if you are losing the products that drive 80% of revenue.  
  • Transparency within your creative is key. Be sure to promote shipping cut-off dates well in advance!

Setting your brand up for a successful January & beyond

  • Lean heavily into UGC. The holiday season can be a good time to be engaged with your customer base and refresh your library. Not only can UGC showcase the inclusivity of your brand, but it is also a way to engage with new customers if you are looking to lean into social platforms like TikTok.  
  • Focus on re-engaging the consumers that interacted with my brand whether they purchased or not. Keep reminding those customers of your brand and increasing their lifetime value while beginning to raise awareness for the next upcoming seasonal peak.
  • Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean spending has stopped. Continue promoting popular products and re-frame your creative messaging to promote gift cards, returns, and store credit.