Thank you for joining us at “How to Win Holiday 2021: Not Your Average Q4″! In case you missed it, or if you want to rewatch, please see our recap and video linked below.

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How to win Holiday 2021

Conquering the Curve:
Staying Ahead of Consumer Behavior Trends

    • This year will be the largest Q4 to date with consumers starting their holiday shopping as early as June.
    • Consumers are resonating with more non-traditional shopping ad formats. They are looking for experiences rooted in “advertainment.” Immersive experiences, influencers, AR, and user-generated content should be used wherever possible since we’re noticing less engagement with traditional formats across the industry.
    • There is less brand loyalty among consumers. Shoppers are searching for categories over specific brands and are more swayed by added convenience.

Optimizing your 2021 Holiday Media Mix

    • Brands can mitigate rising marketplace costs through CRO testing, UX audit, and website personalization focused on integrating more user touchpoints.
    • Fast, free shipping and “buy now, pay later” options are becoming expected. Failing to implement these options will hurt your performance.
    • 73% of people reported that Amazon will be a primary shopping destination this holiday season, so brands should sell their products on Amazon in addition to their eCommerce site if possible.

Challenging increased Competition in the eCommerce Space

    • Stay ahead of supply chain issues by extending return periods, providing multiple shipping cutoff dates, and formulating a backup plan with shipping service providers.
    • Traditional promotions alone will no longer differentiate brands. Tap into traditional and non-traditional promotional messaging such as countdowns, standard discounts, last-minute gift idea guides, and more.
    • Optimize to micro-conversion events (not just ROAS) leading up to major sales as this will lower your CPM and allow you to get more out of your investment.

Planning for a Cookie-less Future

    • Stricter privacy updates are coming. iOS 15 privacy updates will most likely provide the user even more options to mask their personal information and provide a less intrusive online experience.
    • Brands must start building a strong 1st party data strategy as ⅔ of users don’t want to opt-in to data tracking.
    • Be fluid with your media mix modeling, taking different social channels into account, and potentially investing in MMP and/or probabilistic modeling to mitigate 3rd party data loss.