The cost of selling on Amazon is continuously rising, making it more challenging for sellers to turn a profit. According to Marketplace Pulse, Amazon is currently taking an average 50% cut of sellers’ revenue in 2023. In combination with the ongoing economic recession, it is more important than ever to optimize every aspect of your Amazon pages to stay competitive and succeed.

In this blog post, we dive into how our team of Amazon experts can help test and optimize your conversion rates, scale your organic sales, and help grow your business without the need to increase advertising spend. Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon seller or just starting out, this blog is meant to help you navigate the challenges and costs of selling on Amazon in the current market and to maximize your success.

A/B Tests for Organic Growth

Testing is one of the most crucial aspects of developing organic strategies on Amazon. Without a solid test in place, content can only be based on assumptions rather than data. There are several factors that impact your conversion rate on Amazon, including product pricing & promotions, product descriptions & images, Prime shipping, customer reviews & ratings, and more. 

Luckily, Amazon has A/B testing built directly into the console for content–titles, bullet points, descriptions, product images, and A+ content–making it easy to test different pricing and promotions as well. At Direct Agents, we highly recommend continuously testing and refining your approach to maximize your conversion rate and gain a competitive edge on Amazon. Ultimately, the insights gained from A/B testing can help you make data-driven decisions that lead to more effective and profitable Amazon listings.

Direct Agents Recommended  A/B Tests

Test #1: SEO Content

  • Create different versions of your product title, bullet points, & descriptions with variations in keyword insertions, language, brand voice, and format. 

Test #2: Product Imagery

  • Utilize different versions of your product images, using different lifestyle imagery and product videos

Test #3: Pricing & Promotions 

  • If your margins allow, test different base prices for your product to find the max MSRP you can offer that doesn’t yield a diminishing CVR. Also, test different promotions such as coupons vs. lightning deals, and test which ones result in the highest CVR. Lastly, test different discount amounts to discover if a deeper discount amount leads to higher topline sales due to an increased CVR. 

Test #4: Product Bundling 

  • Measure CVR & topline sales for your products when bundled with other complementary products.

Amazon has in-console A/B testing capabilities for Product Titles, Bullet Points, Product Descriptions, Main Product Images, and A+ Content, making analyses for click throughs and conversions easy. Additionally, Direct Agents recently released its industry-first proprietary Amazon SEO technology, “FOMO.” Short for Feedback for On-Page Management & Optimization, the tool is built to measure Amazon SEO tests. The technology tracks all product page updates such as price, content changes, reviews, and more against real time performance metrics such as glance views, ASIN keyword rankings, sales, and BSR. This allows our eCommerce team to quantify the impact of Amazon SEO and make further optimizations to continue growing organic sales. For more information on Direct Agents’ FOMO Tech, please visit our Amazon Capabilities page and reach out at [email protected].


Allison Eng, Senior Growth Strategist, Direct Agents