The State of CTV

Connected TV (CTV) has become a critical channel in the marketing mix, capturing user attention second only to our mobile devices. Investment in CTV is expected to reach $21.45 billion by the end of 2024, driven by events like the Summer Olympics and the US presidential election. CTV is redefining how brands diversify their advertising in a cookie-less environment and creating new opportunities to boost performance, often outperforming traditional media campaigns. Moreover, the ability to precisely target and acquire new customers makes CTV an essential tool for market penetration. Its growth is backed by the availability of brand-safe premium inventory, sophisticated audience targeting, and advanced measurement tools, all of which enable brands to establish stronger connections with their audience.

Why CTV Matters for Brands

CTV offers several distinct advantages. With its dynamic capabilities and expanding reach, CTV stands out for its ability to deliver targeted, impactful advertising experiences.

  1. CTV Has a Better Ad Experience: CTV ads perform well for various marketing objectives because they are unskippable & served on the largest screen in the home.
  2. Rich & Powerful Audiences: Scale using first-party and CRM audiences, plus high-quality third-party segments that don’t rely on cookies.
  3. CTV Can Boost Paid Search & Social Performance: CTV advertising lifts the performance of other channels by creating a powerful halo effect for driving increased consideration.
  4. CTV is Scalable: CTV’s user base is increasing at a higher rate than any of the current social networks making it a massive growth channel.

Direct Agents’ CTV Capabilities

Our CTV solution is built to deliver performance results for marketers who are looking for tangible outcomes (sales volume, ROI, ROAS). Our Blueprint inventory selection methodology allows our clients to be significantly more efficient with their spend. This yields uncommonly positive results when compared to more traditional CTV media campaigns. Our performance-driven methodology ensures that each CTV campaign is not only impactful but also seamlessly integrated with the broader marketing strategy.

CTV advertising is more than just a trend; it’s an essential component of a holistic marketing strategy. For brands aiming to remain competitive and relevant, leveraging the growth and capabilities of CTV can unlock new avenues for customer engagement and market penetration. To learn more about our CTV solution, please contact [email protected].


Want a more in-depth exploration of CTV advertising and how it can benefit your brand? Join us on April 18th at 1:30 pm ET for our webinar, “CTV: The Missing Piece for Performance Marketers.” Our featured speakers, Megan Conahan (EVP, Direct Agents) and Corey Levine (VP of Integrated Media, Direct Agents), will dive into CTV’s growing importance, how to maximize your CTV investments and drive performance, and measuring ad effectiveness. Register here!