Graphic Design is an exciting industry that is constantly evolving with new techniques and technologies. While this means endless opportunities for creativity, it also means that trends tend to circulate pretty quickly. To make sure you are ahead of the curve in 2023, we outlined the most prominent Graphic Design trends to take with you and your business for 2023.

Post Pandemic Design Freedom

Previously, the popularity of modern and minimal branding design was seen everywhere. Now, in the post-pandemic era, we are seeing a direct contrast. Designers are starting to experiment with warm, bright, and positive colors/themes where the brand guidelines might have a bit more flexibility. In fact, focusing on happy and bright palettes whenever possible is now widely accepted as a popular trend. For example, Spotify recently incorporated lots of color and playful, bright shapes into their infamous Spotify Wrapped campaign. Even more traditional brands, such as Chase Bank, launched campaigns with more colors in their static designs. Playful Poh Campaign Spotify Wrapped Visa Sapphire Campaign It's a Niid Kaughing Enjjoy ad

Motion Design

Short form content creation has solidified the transition to short form video. With apps like TikTok and Instagram rewarding this form of content, designers have been searching for new ways to add value to and supplement video content. All in all, we are definitely seeing a rise in motion design in advertisements and organic content creation. There are many ways that your brand can utilize motion design. Whether it is animated titles, kinetic type, or motion design on your website, movement can elevate your creatives to a new level and make them stand out against more traditional video related content. Check out Spotify’s Spotify Wrapped 2022 motion design campaign! SEMRUSH Campaign Best Buy Campaign

3D Design

Another design trend that we are seeing more and more is 3D Design. Brands have recently been incorporating 3D elements in static and video advertisements, but also into organic content and web design. Softwares such as Blender make it easier for designers to learn and expand on this trend, which ultimately offers more value and unique design options for brands to take advantage of and tailor to their branding needs. We anticipate that we will start to see 3D Animation and Illustration utilized by brands more as this trend evolves and designers find more applications for this type of creative. 3D Artist Fanny Papay (3D Artist Fanny Papay) Cash App Campaign

Custom Brand Illustrations

Illustrations have been a staple in the design world, particularly with advertisements and web design. As different industries have evolved, uses for brand illustrations have as well. Commissioning custom brand illustrations rather than utilizing existing illustration assets is a growing concept. Working with illustrators and graphic designers to create branded illustrations with an entirely new aesthetic or illustrations in the artists’ style with branded iconography has been seen with brands like Jovia or Starbucks. Jade Purple Brown for Starbucks Jade Purple Brown for Starbuck water bottle (Jade Purple Brown for Starbucks) jovia financial credit union class=jovia financial credit union

Creative Typography

Not only is typography important in establishing brand voice and style, it plays a huge role in messaging. Designers have been finding unique ways to manipulate typography to grow its value in the evolving world of design. Creative typography is a useful trend because it can be tailored to a brand’s specific needs and it allows for endless design possibilities. The trend of type manipulation creates exciting new opportunity for designers and brands, especially when combined with motion or 3D. Anastazja Szulc for Ana & YVY (Designer Anastazja Szulc for Ana & YVY) NBA Toronto Raptors Year Book & Jumbotron Illustrations (Keith Vlahakis, NBA Toronto Raptors Year Book & Jumbotron Illustrations)

AI Design

Another interesting opportunity for designers is the increasing presence of AI. AI has already made its mark in many industries, offering dynamic solutions in current technology systems, business strategies, etc. Similarly, the use of AI in the design space has added value to designers and brands as well. With the ability to generate new creatives with specific keyword inputs and produce highly customized content, designers are hyper aware of the role AI plays in the evolving design landscape. And while it is certainly a game-changing development, the introduction of AI is only a beneficial tool for real human creativity. DALL.E, AI2 Dalle 2 image Astronaut riding a horse (DALL.E 2) Although design trends change in what sometimes feels like minutes, it is always productive to reflect on past Graphic Design trends and contemplate what trends might arise in the new year. Brands can largely benefit from a holistic knowledge of industry trends because it ensures a fresh and effective foundation for growth. Between the rise of positive colors, a freer brand aesthetic, and the introduction of AI design tools, the possibilities are endless for the world of design and what 2023 will bring to the table! – Alexis Wagman, Senior Graphic Designer, Direct Agents