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Future First Studio

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Creativity fueled by innovation.
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Future First Studio is the in-house creative team at Direct Agents. Our studio creates dynamic content to meet our clients’ biggest goals; we optimize campaigns by monitoring real-time performance through our AI-powered technology. The customer is no longer just a data point — we identify detailed audience groups to further understand how your potential customers live, breathe, and think. We build out campaigns that create personal connections and elicit emotional responses from human beings who are constantly growing and evolving.

What we offer.


Campaign Strategy

Polycultural Messaging

Creative User Journey


Social/Display Ad Contact

Video Production

Web Design


Advanced Creative Testing

Real-Time Optimization

Creative Performance Reporting

STAR Score equips brands with intelligent, data-driven insights to improve the performance of creative content. Our creative approach always stems from in-depth performance based metrics that provide us with insight on what graphic elements are favored by our audiences, and point out the specific design choices that lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Who we are.

We are driven to bridge the gap between Creative + Media. We are guided by the results of our past campaigns and are constantly refining our approach to ensure that our clients’ future comes first.


Creative Director & Co-Founder


Daniel Moran is the Senior Art Director at Future First Studio. With 12 years in the industry and 9 years at FFS, Dan has worked with major clients like Trippie Redd, Megadeth, and NYC FC. His breadth of work makes him a bit of a “swiss-army knife,” and he loves trying to incorporate pieces of 3D art into his work. His other projects span beyond digital design to include printed collateral, album artwork, apparel & merchandise, and experiential design. Dan’s love for creatives comes from the enjoyment of elevating a brand’s style to fit with the design of current times without losing their personal identity – and sometimes to their surprise, even helping them find it in the process.


Adam Osadon is the Creative Strategist at Future First Studio. With 6 years in the industry and 2 years at FFS, Adam has worked with brands like Linksys and Belkin. His expertise focuses on creative direction and brand development. Additionally, Adam works on album artwork and logo design. His passion for creative comes from the opportunity to bring a rough idea to life through visual design.


Valentina Elegante is the Brand Marketing Specialist at Direct Agents. She has worked with a range of industries helping brands reach their full marketing potential. Her favorite part of creatives is working with brands, understanding their vision, and helping them craft a story that is authentic to their brand – and resonates with their audience.


Danny Potts is the Video Content and Production Specialist at Future First Studios. With 14 years of experience and 2 at FFS, he has worked with major brands like New York Times, John Oliver, Liverpool FC, Linkedin, Under Armor, BBC, College Humor, and W Hotel. Danny specializes in all aspects of video production and post-production, video ideation, broadcast, and online multi-platform video implementation. His other projects include documentaries, production/post-production short and long-form video for both broadcast and online distribution.



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