Walmart recently introduced the Search Term Impression Share Report (STIR) for Walmart advertisers. The STIR provides brands with complete visibility into their ad presence on Search Engine Result Pages, enabling advertisers to pinpoint their Share of Voice by keyword and unlock new optimizations to ensure their ad is consistently winning the top of search. In short, it gauges the alignment of ad performance with specific search terms against the potential impressions the campaign could achieve, thus delivering comprehensive insights for as far back as 30 days.

Why is the STIR a game-changer? 

Imagine running a campaign for a new product and leveraging targeted search terms to attract potential customers. With the STIR, advertisers can now easily determine whether their chosen search terms are generating the desired impact or not. If the STIR score for a particular search term is low, this indicates new potential for your brand to win future impression share. With this level of visibility in mind, brands can now consider boosting bids for that term and increasing the odds of securing a higher share of total impressions—ultimately elevating your campaign’s visibility and reach.

While visibility into impression share is the first step, the effectiveness of this strategy also hinges on a critical factor: search volume. While enhancing bids for low-performing terms is essential, it’s most potent when applied to high-search-volume terms. This ensures that efforts are channeled toward terms actively sought by potential customers and puts your brand in front of the largest addressable market possible.

Walmart’s STIR introduces a bold shift in brand-building decision-making on its marketplace. By dissecting search term impressions and aligning them with search volume, the report allows advertisers to make informed decisions about which terms are worth investing in. When coupled with strategic bid adjustments, it has the power to unlock new growth potential within advertising campaigns, yielding heightened visibility, engagement, and sales.

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Augustine Ahn, eCommerce Coordinator, Direct Agents