Amazon Unboxed 2023, held from October 24-26 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, served as a platform for Amazon Ads to showcase its latest innovations and reinforce its commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes. The conference highlighted a diverse range of new advertising solutions, expanded influencer marketing capabilities, and enhanced self-service options, demonstrating Amazon Ads’ dedication to providing CPG businesses with new tools they need to grow sales and stand out amongst an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Key Announcements from Amazon Unboxed 2023

Amazon Ads is Expanding Advertising Horizons with Goal-Based Campaigns for SERP Visibility

    • Amazon introduced goal-based campaigns for Sponsored Products, empowering businesses to align their marketing efforts with specific objectives. Advertisers can now choose to focus on driving page visits or growing brand impression share, ensuring their campaigns are tailored to achieve their desired outcomes.
    • Direct Agents recommends testing this feature in isolation against other evergreen CPC-based visibility strategies, to gauge how CTR, CPC, and ultimately impression share compares with new vCPM based bidding. 

Rewarded Display Ads: A Self-Service Option for DSP

    • Amazon announced the upcoming availability of Rewarded Display ads for self-service within DSP. This move will provide businesses with greater control and flexibility in utilizing this engaging ad format, allowing them to reward viewers for their attention and drive deeper interactions with their products or services.
    • Affiliate marketing has been a staple in digital media since its inception, and outcome-based advertising could become a long term strategy for sellers on Amazon to help coat their monthly sales.
    • Direct Agents recommends testing with a minimum budget of $3,000 – $5,000 to start and scale accordingly.

Posts: Unleashing the Power of Video Content

    • Amazon expanded the creative capabilities of Posts, enabling advertisers to incorporate videos alongside static images. This enhancement will empower businesses to capture audience attention and showcase their products or services in a more dynamic and engaging manner.
    • Direct Agents recommends leveraging every free traffic source you have as a business, for it will pay dividends beyond community building.

AI-Generated Images for Sponsored Brand Ads

    • Amazon unveiled AI-generated images for Sponsored Brand ads, providing advertisers with a convenient and efficient way to create high-quality product images directly within the campaign building console. This feature will save businesses time and resources while ensuring their ads are visually appealing and effective.
    • Creative is always a time and cost intensive variable for most businesses, so we recommend leveraging AI-generated images. They can offer a turnkey solution to improve the UX across your top of search advertising and make a strong first impression for new consumers.

Streaming TV Campaigns: Accessibility and Flexibility

    • Streaming TV campaigns will now finally be accessible to all within the Amazon Advertising console, eliminating minimum spend requirements and allowing advertisers to set daily budgets. This move will democratize access to this powerful advertising channel, enabling businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences across streaming services.
    • Thursday Night Football by all accounts has been a huge success for Amazon in increasing Prime subscribers, and naturally giving advertisers the ability to take part in the streaming revolution natively within AMS is a no brainer. Adding this capability is a very smart long-term move for Amazon and offers brands – who wouldn’t normally have thought about Connected TV – a seamless way to get in front of household viewers.

Amazon Unboxed 2023 reaffirmed Amazon Ads’ position as a leading force in eCommerce and a growing leader in the broader advertising industry. The company’s dedication to innovation, coupled with its focus on enhancing customer experience and driving business growth, provides brands with a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies to succeed in the digital era. As Amazon Ads continues to expand its capabilities and introduce new solutions, businesses should stay informed and explore the opportunities offered by its innovative advertising solutions.


Bridget Menne Client Success Supervisor, Direct Agents