The days until Black Friday and Cyber Monday are winding down, but there are still last-minute optimizations that you can make to maximize your Amazon performance during this peak sales period.

Let’s dive into some quick tips!

Ensure You Have a Deal! Use Coupons if Necessary

  • While it is too late to submit deals to Amazon, you can set up a last-minute coupon on Amazon
  • Run on top products and products you want to grow
  • Promote a deal of at least 15% to drive conversions

Showcase Promotions on your Amazon Brand Store

  • Create a BF/CM version of your Brand Store with start and end dates to showcase your deals
  • Create a separate tab at the forefront of your store for an easy shopping experience
    • If you are running Amazon Deals use the “Featured Deals” widget which will automatically pull in any item on an active deal
    • If you are running coupons manually, add those items through a Product Grid. Do not use any “deal” words in this case as your store will not get approved

Adjust your Amazon Advertising Campaigns

  • Ensure your budgets are high enough to not run out of budget early in the day this week through Monday
  • Use Sponsored Brand campaigns to drive directly to your Amazon Brand Store (this coupled with the deal page can help drive conversions and increase average order value)
  • Use Sponsored Display retargeting campaigns to get in front of consumers who viewed your product within the last 30, 60, or 90 days on Amazon but didn’t convert

Drive External Traffic

  • Send Paid Social ads to your product pages or brand store
    • Our team has seen this drive just as many sales as Sponsored Brand ads on Amazon if done right
  • Re-target consumers who have visited your direct-to-consumer site → retarget them and direct them to Amazon if you believe you have a better chance at them converting via Amazon

Follow these tips and you’re sure to make a big impact on your bottom line this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! For more information on Amazon campaign optimization, reach out to [email protected].

– Emily Lease, Sr. eCommerce Strategist