Social Media Platform Updates: The Latest & Greatest

by | Nov 8, 2021 | News, Social | 0 comments

The social media landscape is always evolving. This past month especially, several important new features have been rolled out across all of the major platforms. Let’s dive into some of the latest and greatest social media updates shaking up the industry right now.


  • Video Tab Consolidation: IGTV and Reels are being retired. In an effort to improve user experience, all videos on IG will soon live under one tab.
  • Live Reminder: IG users can now schedule a time for their next Live video and post about it on the feed. Live reminders will enable brands and content creators alike to boost attendance during their live events.
  • IG Stories Link Stickers for All: According to Instagram, every single user will soon have access to the link sticker on IG Stories, even those with under 10K followers. Gone are the days where only verified accounts had access to this coveted feature. This is exciting news for small businesses and content creators across verticals!
  • Desktop Posting: After many years of waiting, users can finally publish images and videos to their main Instagram feed via desktop without a dedicated Instagram app.
  • Collabs: Collabs are a new way for people to co-author content. Collabs display both accounts in the Instagram feed post. Collab posts are posted to the profile feed of both accounts and will share the same number of likes and even the comment thread too.
  • Add Yours Sticker: This new feature was rolled out to spur increased engagement on Instagram Stories. The “add yours” sticker allows users to create public threads via Instagram stories and contribute to a living content chain.


  • Rebranding to “Meta”: Facebook is looking to expand into the metaverse – a digital world where people can experience an alternate virtual reality. According to Dezeen,” Under the Meta umbrella, the company is now attempting to create a platform where users will be able to socialize, work, learn, play, shop and create across various apps.”
  • FB Group Monetization: Facebook is expanding monetization capabilities to groups. The social network is testing new tools that allow group admins to make money with new shopping, fundraising, and subscription features.


  • Snapchat Audio: Snapchat is hopping on the sound clip bandwagon. The platform recently announced a partnership with NBCUniversal, allowing people to use audio from their films and series sound library in UGC.
  • AR: Snap is continuing to lean into augmented reality as a powerful, social eCommerce tool. Marketers can leverage Snapchat’s virtual try-on features to boost direct response efforts by giving users the ability to check out clothing items or accessories right in the app.

Tik Tok

  • TikTok Creator Marketplace: TikTok has swiftly become the leading platform for content creators. TikTok’s new self-serve portal is helping brands find a variety of creators to partner with and aiming to streamline the end-to-end creator process.


  • #TwitterPrism – Twitter recently announced its intention to promote inclusive marketing across the platform by bringing together new and existing efforts that support diverse creators and publishers. #TwitterPrism includes promoting intersectional diversity through training workshops, market insights support, and more.

With all of these exciting updates, marketers have plenty of opportunities for innovation at their disposal. For more information on how to leverage the newest social platform features in your marketing strategy, reach out to

– Shayanna Roman, Content Marketing Coordinator