Thank you for joining us for our latest webinar – Spring into a New Season: Seasonal Strategies to Win on Amazon! In case you missed it, or if you want to rewatch it, please see our recap and video below.

Identifying the importance of seasonal planning

  • Brands must take advantage of seasonal peaks to avoid leaving money on the table.
  • There is high potential for brands to benefit from seasonal search volume increases and peaks in purchasing intent, so products should be optimized accordingly.

Taking advantage of holidays on Amazon

  • Seasonal peaks that occur around specific holidays are directly correlated to the vertical a brand exists in and their product type category.
  • Looking at common themes when conducting research can give you the necessary information to act accordingly. If a trend emerges within a certain holiday or season associated with your evergreen keywords, that may be another opportunity for seasonal optimizations.

Approaching investment planning

  • Brands should start with historical conversion patterns as a baseline, but also stay current and be up to date on present shopping trends.
  • The ability to be dynamic and refine strategy based on real-time consumer trends is extremely important throughout these processes.

Utilizing strategies with demonstrated rates of success

  • One of the biggest factors that lead to success during peak seasons is ensuring your content will resonate with consumers. This can mean using copy and imagery to correctly frame your product within the season. 
  • Setting seasonal optimizations live 2 to 3 months before the expected peak ensures that a brand will be top of mind for consumers and have good placement on the search results page for seasonal keywords.
  • If a brand has a direct to consumer site and wants to drive more off-Amazon traffic to their listings, they can implement CTA’s and links within website copy to funnel users to their Amazon listing to increase visibility
  • Aligning organic strategy with AMS will help advertisers capitalize on the growth a brand sees during seasonal peaks. Leading up to the holiday or event, it is best to utilize social traffic to Amazon to drive awareness. During the actual peak periods, it’s best to utilize sponsored brand advertisements to drive more conversions.

Leveraging software to help drive sales across seasons

  • Technology should aim to intelligently monitor and even optimize your products and campaigns to achieve your sales goals at the highest ROI possible. 
  • Direct Agents proprietary technology monitors paid and organic Share of Voice and contains an auto bidder that scrapes Amazon every 15 minutes. Our SOV tech intelligently bids up or down on paid advertising campaigns once every hour to maximize SOV at the cheapest cost per click possible.

Diversifying placement types

  • It is crucial to continue to prioritize off-Amazon traffic. Amazon’s A10 algorithm has a bias for traffic coming in from elsewhere, so DSP and social campaigns from Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok are becoming increasingly important, not just for brand awareness, but at every part of the conversion funnel.