Together is how we reach new heights. Together is how we get better each day. Together is how we strive to find new ways to stay connected in this new reality – with our teams, clients, and partners. Continuously expanding our capabilities as shapers in the digital world.

The inspiration behind this campaign design was Milton Glaser’s unseen design New York: ‘Together’. He expressed his love for New York’s unmatched uniqueness in a recent quote, “New York is full of diversity and complexity, and it’s very hard to analyze because of that. New York is a mindset, and we’re all arrogantly proud of what that represents. The word they’ve used is toughness, but it’s also a combination of cynicism and generosity. It’s unprecedented anywhere in the world.” Our creative team transformed the concept to represent the diverse individuals that make up Direct Agents. The unique pieces beautifully mend to represent a bigger and more powerful picture.

We’re proud to be who we are – and we are passionate about making an impact.

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