Key Updates to ChatGPT with GPT-4o

Multimodal Capabilities: Real-Time Interaction & Video Recognition

This is where GPT-4o truly stands out. The model now supports interactions through video, images, and documents, transforming it into a versatile personal assistant. Imagine showing a live video of a math problem and ChatGPT helps you solve it on the spot. Or sharing a screenshot of a tricky email and it crafts a perfect response for you. The standout feature that everyone is talking about? Voice chat. You can now converse with ChatGPT in real time, making the interaction more seamless and human-like. This is a major glimpse into the future of truly interactive AI experiences.

Enhanced Intelligence

Mira Murati, OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, says GPT-4o brings GPT-4-level smarts to all users, not just subscribers. This is a big deal, making advanced AI more accessible than ever.

Speed & Cost Efficiency

GPT-4o is not just smarter; it’s also faster and cheaper. This model is two times quicker and 50% cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo. After playing around with this for the past few days, I’ve learned that the speed bump is particularly felt when engaging in voice chat, making 4o feel like a true sidekick.

Multilingual Support

GPT-4o speaks 50 languages. This means it’s not just versatile, it’s truly global, allowing businesses to engage with a diverse audience without missing a beat.

How GPT-4o Benefits Growth Marketers & Brand Strategists

What does all this mean for growth marketers and brand strategists? Here are some immediate thoughts on how GPT-4o stands out from its predecessors:

Superior Content Creation & Brainstorming

GPT-4o excels at brainstorming and drafting content that aligns with your brand’s voice and engages your audience. With a better understanding of context and emotion, GPT-4o can generate drafts for blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters that resonate more deeply with your audience. These drafts provide a strong foundation, while the final touch should be added by your creative team to ensure authenticity and perfection.

Cost Efficiency & Scalability

GPT-4o is twice as fast and 50% cheaper than its predecessor, making it cost-effective for tasks like data and document analysis. This opens up AI capabilities to smaller businesses and startups, and its scalability allows handling larger datasets and more complex projects.

Real-Time, Personalized Customer Interaction

The new conversational UI features make GPT-4o perfect for customer service. Imagine chatbots and virtual assistants that offer real-time, personalized support and can even recognize emotions. This isn’t just about answering questions; it’s about creating a connection.

Market Research & Insights

Market research is getting a major upgrade with GPT-4o. It can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends and understand consumer behavior. Real-time sentiment analysis means you can monitor social media, track brand mentions, and gauge emotional tones on the fly. It’s like having a supercharged research team that speaks 50 languages, breaking down barriers for global market insights.

Support for Personalized Marketing

GPT-4o’s ability to analyze data and understand user behavior allows for incredibly precise advertising campaigns. Imagine ads that not only target specific demographics but can also adapt messaging and visuals based on individual preferences. This level of targeting can significantly boost ad performance and conversion rates.

GPT-4o is substantial upgrade that focuses on improving speed and increasing the numbers of ways users can take advantage of ChatGPT’s full power, whether its through text, voice, or video. For marketers, it has the potential to increase our efficiency and creativity as we continue to identify new ways to leverage this tool. For help getting started with ChatGPT-4o, please contact [email protected].

Jackson Richards, VP of Strategy, Direct Agents