Fifty-five percent of all consumers now start their search for a product on Amazon. As Amazon continues to dominate the e-commerce space, retailer competition grows within it. Our clients find success by tapping into our methodology, focused on paid and earned media, both inbound to Amazon and outbound to their own sites. Our Amazon Solution includes Product Research Strategy, Amazon SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Amazon Marketing Services, Pricing & Margin Optimization along with Custom Creative and tools for Measurement and Analytics.

“As Amazon continues to grow, it’s becoming harder for marketers to decode the e-commerce giant,” said Josh Boaz, Managing Director and Co-founder of Direct Agents. “There is a degree of complexity above advertising on Facebook or Google.

In addition to getting your product to be highly visible in an Amazon product search, you also need to ensure you win the buy box over other potential sellers. These difficulties are compounded by the lack of transparency and the quickly evolving ecosystem.  Our Amazon solution utilizes our fifteen-plus years of performance marketing expertise and tools in paid and earned media to substantially impact our client’s visibility and conversions within Amazon. Over 44% of all online sales are now through Amazon, there is a huge opportunity here for marketers and retail clients.  Whether you are a retailer or service provider, understanding how Amazon will impact your business in 2018 and having a strategy to respond is imperative.”

On March 7th, Direct Agents’ EVP, Megan Conahan, will be speaking on an Amazon panel at the Mediapost Data and Programmatic Insider Summit. This panel will discuss Amazon’s digital advertising ecosystem, and what marketers are to make of its collection of self-service programmatic inventory, marketing services, video, and custom audience opportunities.

To learn more about an Amazon solution for your brand, please contact the Direct Agents team to get started on a custom-built strategy at [email protected]