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Amazon Shipment Suspension Updates – What You Need to Know

As many of you know Amazon released some information regarding the suspension of all non-essential items to their warehouses (medical supplies and household essentials) until April 5th. We wanted to clarify with our clients and partners as to what exactly this means. Based on the details given by Business Insider, it seems as though nonessential shipments are being blocked to warehouses, but not customers, so as long as there’s inventory in the fulfillment centers, businesses on Amazon should be operating as usual.

Our Direct Agents’ Amazon team, along with our direct partners at Amazon, recommend that no adjustments to any Amazon marketing campaigns should be made at this time.  Our focus continues to be first and foremost to our agency partners. We are in daily contact with our team at Amazon and will continue to update you all as more information regarding Amazon fulfillment comes in.

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