In honor of our 20 years in business, Direct Agents Co-Founders Dinesh and Josh Boaz shared their unique founder’s story and the incredible transformation the company has undergone over the last 2 decades. We hope you enjoy!

It was the early 2000’s. Dinesh Boaz, 26, was working in marketing and sales at a tech startup. Josh Boaz, 20, was in his final year at NYU Stern and had recently started an internship at a small digital marketing agency in NYC. Eager for a new opportunity, Dinesh applied for a job at the firm Josh was working at and soon they began their business partnership. They quickly rose to become the top two salespeople at the company due to their unique determination and ability to secure new client accounts and build relationships with vendors. As their experience and success in the industry grew, Josh and Dinesh explored the idea of starting their own business. They saw an opportunity with digital marketing, as the industry was in its early stages and brands were struggling to identify and navigate emerging markets. Josh and Dinesh were determined to help brands build and grow their businesses by clarifying opportunities in the space, negotiating key campaign placements, and getting an honest return on their investments. They had a vision to create an environment of growth, trust and innovation in an industry that lacked authenticity. With just $25,000 of personal savings, they resigned from their current roles to jump start their pursuit. As all goals come with challenges, Dinesh and Josh ran into setbacks with bank managers and landlords not taking them seriously. Committed to their plan, they eventually found an office share and Direct Agents began in a windowless, three-person office on March 31st, 2003.

2 decades later, Direct Agents is proud to have two offices in New York and Los Angeles with upwards of 90 employees across the country. What started as a Performance Marketing agency has since grown to offer full-service solutions including Creative, Data & Analytics, eCommerce, Enterprise SEO, Paid Media, Polycultural, and Strategy. While its community and client portfolio have evolved tremendously, that initial vision to offer clarity and sustainable growth in a rapidly-changing industry continues to serve as the foundation for its work. “As we look back as an organization, we are motivated by our team’s ability to adapt, reshape, and grow in a world of constant change. Thank you to everyone who has grown alongside us for the past 20 years,” said Dinesh and Josh Boaz. This milestone anniversary both recognizes and celebrates Direct Agents’ collective achievements over the past 20 years and continued hunger for innovation and growth.

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