Last Minute Amazon Advertising & Promotional Strategies to Impact Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Rest of Q4

  1. Add any last-minute enhancements to your product pages and storefront. Similarly, utilize coupons and other promotions as a way to stay competitive with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  2. Traffic and ad spend will spike during BFCM and into December, so your campaigns may simply cap out much more quickly. Set ample budget caps or use ad scheduling tools to help with the increase in traffic.
  3. Use product page targeting campaigns to capture additional traffic and sales or to strategically conquest if budget is a concern.
  4. Amplify bids and use real-time monitoring tools to measure and optimize bids during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  5. Employ Video-In-Search ads to further differentiate from the crowd and push your product and messaging.

Content for Holidays & A New Polycultural Audience

  1. Inclusivity is an increasingly important pillar of connection as user-generated content grows in consumers’ perception of authenticity.
  2. Leverage user-generated content when possible to communicate your brand’s core identity to new users.
  3. Content is a key component of advertising in a space that is increasingly based on authenticity – and it helps you keep up with the growing competition.
  4. For the highest engagement, create content that is both based on seasonal intent and audience-specific.
  5. When you’re not leveraging UGC, make sure your advertising and content reflect the broad scope of identities of the people that you are marketing to. There’s a huge opportunity for brands to engage with multicultural audiences and invest in that market. 

The Culture of Hybrid Work: Reimagining for Collaboration and Camaraderie

  1. As our world continues to change, working remotely at least part of the time will no longer be a perk, but an expectation. Whether or not companies have started embracing the hybrid model, it is sure to stay. 
  2. Successful implementation of a hybrid environment depends on a variety of factors. A sign-up process is helpful when considering who is able to come into the office each day. 
  3. Celebrate wins of all sizes! Company culture is setback by Zoom fatigue and decreasing employee engagement. Make sure successes are celebrated through online achievement boards or company meetings to keep employees feeling engaged and excited. 

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