Join us for our upcoming holiday planning webinar!

Listen in to get exclusive advice from industry experts, Megan Conahan, EVP at Direct Agents, and Jonny Waite, VP of Search at Direct Agents, on how marketers can overcome rising marketplace costs, adjust to shifts in consumer behavior, and WIN this holiday season.

Megan Conahan brings over 16 years of strategic, omnichannel marketing experience. Jonny Waite is a 10-year media veteran who specializes in driving record-breaking ROI for clients.

In our August 24th session, they will unpack the below:

Webinar Agenda:

    • Conquering the Curve: Staying Ahead of Consumer Behavior Trends – The pandemic has caused a major shift in consumer shopping habits. In 2021, it’s clear that the surge in online shopping is here to stay. Find out how to efficiently implement a test-and-learn strategy and adapt holistic plans to the most recent consumer behavior trends.
    • Optimizing your 2021 Holiday Media Mix – Learn how to produce effective, data-driven content based on user trends and stay up to date on important supply chain considerations for high-volume order fulfillment.
    • Challenging increased Competition in the ECommerce Space Stay ahead of the competition while taking historically higher costs into account. We will guide you through forecasting this year’s holiday performance and where to hedge your bets.
    • Planning for a Cookie-less Future – As the reality of a cookie-less future draws closer, marketers must start preparing. Expand your knowledge of iOS14 updates and how the loss of third-party data will impact not only holiday 2021 but 2022 and beyond.

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