The Direct Agents team had a fantastic experience at Advertising Week New York, attending 20+ events with the industry’s leading figures in marketing, advertising, media, and technology. To conclude the week, we’ve compiled key takeaways from our favorite seminars that offer a comprehensive overview of the latest insights in digital marketing. Let’s jump in.

Mastering the Business of Influence

Featuring Claudia Oshry, Ben Soffer & Nik Sharma

The modern world of influence isn’t just about having the highest follower count; it’s about forging genuine connections. Influencer and brand authenticity forms the backbone of successful, sustainable partnerships. Both creators and brands shouldn’t see setbacks as the end, but rather as opportunities for rebuilding. To remain competitive in the digital landscape, it’s crucial to tap into emerging trends early and consistently.

AI for Marketers: How AI is Bringing More Effectiveness & Efficiency to TV

Featuring Tony Marlow, Isabel Perry, Michael Guth, Sean Cunningham & Amol Waishampayan

AI is revolutionizing the marketing domain, bringing unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. The potential applications range from content personalization and media buying to predictive analytics. With AI’s capability to make automated decisions from vast data sets, the focus is on staying ahead of new tech and increasing efficiency.

Marketing without Compromise: How Identity Makes the Impossible, Possible

Featuring Julie Clark, Matt Clark & Keith Camoosa

The session mainly spotlighted Transunion’s identity mapping solution. In the fragmented digital world, an identity graph is more than just a tool—it’s a way to enhance audience definition, improve data quality, and optimize marketing outreach. These graphs capture new touchpoints, reducing redundancy and broadening reach, essentially refining the marketing game.

Redefining Bravery

Featuring Tiffany Rolfe, Soyoung Kang, Ali Rex & Sophie Kelly

Bravery in marketing translates to challenging norms and embracing the unconventional. Brands that have dared to stand out have not only garnered attention but have woven this audacity into their identity, ultimately resonating with consumers on a deeper level.

Advertising When Small

Featuring Eden Laurin, Shunan Teng, Andrea Marquez & Jeffrey Cohen

The power of Amazon Ads is evident for small businesses. The nuanced approach of studying competitor reviews can be leveraged to target new audiences. Furthermore, capitalizing on the inherent purchase intent of users on platforms like Amazon can lead to a significant sales boost beyond just the platform.

Do More with Less: The Magic of Virtual Locations & Generative AI in Marketing

Featuring Aiden Darné, Dade Orgeron & Meg Vazquez-Pastrana

The session underlined the transformative power of AI in creative production. Emerging technologies like NeRFs and generative AI can potentially replace traditional production methods, leading to cost-effective, yet indistinguishable, results. The growing popularity of interactive experiences, like games and quizzes, also offers brands unique opportunities to engage with their audience.

License to Lead Differently: Female Leaders Reshaping Business & Driving Impact

Featuring Michelle Tang, Kathleen Hall, Sabrina Sanchez & Singleton Beato

The glass ceiling in the corporate world remains a pressing issue. Leaders must be proactive in mentoring potential successors, ensuring they’re equipped to seize opportunities. Gender diversity is not just a tick-box exercise—it demands a sustained commitment to inclusion in all decision-making processes. Women, as industry experts, must recognize and assert their worth.

Winning the Tune-In Game: How to Drive Viewership and Audience Retention

Featuring Christina Park, Ryan Brendle, Daniel Vincent, Yongyong Kennedy & Yasmin Mitchell

The key to capturing audience attention in today’s saturated market lies in the story’s power. Ad content should meet their current needs, making them anticipate the product and remember the brand. When promoting an event or brand, tell a story that engages the target audience. Highlight brand-related talents and unique features. Always test and update your approach to keep audiences engaged.

15 Seasons of Shark Tank

Featuring Arianna Huffington, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner

The best-selling products to come out of more than 300 episodes of “Shark Tank” are socks and sponges — not exactly groundbreaking products. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s not always about having the most groundbreaking product or reinventing the wheel. Rather, the best predictor of success is a strategic vision and ambition. While other contributors (like the Sharks) can open doors and connect you with decision makers, it ultimately comes to down to personal determination to succeed.

Redefining Success: Culture is the New KPI

Featuring Pamela Drucker Mann, Tracy-Ann Lim, Kayleigh Barber, Emma Hilal & Emily O’Hara

Consumers encounter roughly 10,000 ads daily, so trustworthy recommendations are crucial. In today’s day and age, having a top-notch product isn’t enough – what matters is meaningful endorsement. As consumers deeply engage with content, their primary goal is quality. While CFOs often desire quick results, today’s landscape demands a broader perspective on content’s long-term value. Embracing cultural relevance is vital, and a cultural calendar can help brands tap into key moments for their audience.

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