ICYMI, here are our top takeaways from our second in-person event of the year, Break Through Retail Strategies for eCommerce Brands to Create New Opportunities. 

The Next Phase for Amazon Sellers – Megan Conahan, EVP at Direct Agents, and Peter Shin, Partnership Development at Amazon

  1. During this time, advertisers should heavily focus on their brand health, and make sure that they are consistent with their narrative across different macro times. 
  2. Digitized content allows brands to be inventive with more subtle virtual product placements that still reach large volumes of audiences and viewers.
  3. Amazon has shifted from being simply a retail site to being a content and entertainment site. Brands should lean into the general shift to video. 

Efficient Growth Through Amazon – Megan Conahan, EVP at Direct Agents, and Imran Hassan, VP of Global eCommerce & Marketplaces at Eaglemoss

  1. It is crucial for brands to integrate Amazon into their eCommerce ecosystem. 
  2. Brands should take an omnichannel approach to Prime Day, giving their customers promotions, deals, and bundles across all of their retail sites. 
  3. Practicing good customer service and focusing on providing genuine and authentic value to their customers is key to differentiating a brand from its competitors. 

Coming of Age: Retail Media and Strategies to grow in 2022 – Nick Galante, VP of eCommerce at Direct Agents, and Noa Reikhav, VP of Product Management at Skai

  1. When brands approach market palace opportunity amongst the many new retailers that are entering the space, there is no one size fits all solution. 
  2. Growth can come from many different places, not just where you expand to but how you do that. 
  3. Brands should measure success in a way that’s meaningful to the organization. Organizations are used to marketing reporting in terms of ROAs and traditional marketing metrics. In actuality, retail media is more complex than that and key measures of success need to change. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the next event of our in-person event series, “Acceleration in Action,” to stay on the pulse of the future of digital.