With numerous ad formats and placements readily available for brands on display and social, many advertisers often get lost in the mix and lose huge opportunities to drive higher performance in their campaigns. What should advertisers be aware of and implement into their social strategies to maximize efficiency and scalability with their media budgets?

Start by identifying your brand’s objectives for each campaign.

In driving brand awareness, engagement and conversions, think about interactive and engaging ads that will appeal to your target audience. In addition to standard banner ads, leverage some of Facebook’s most popular, interactive ad types for greater performance.

Canvas Ads

Facebook’s Canvas Ads allow advertisers the opportunity to present their consumers with an interactive story. By utilizing vertical video, carousels, standard images and text modules, brands can build a Canvas ad on a template that would resonate the best with their potential customers. When creating Canvas ads, it is more than just plastering content on a template; it’s imperative that brands build the ad once they’ve planned out a storyboard and considered the user experience and process of interaction. Consider the brand’s tone, messaging, color scheme, and usage of visuals (both video and static images) before launching a Canvas ad. Always be mindful of the story you’re telling and the experience should never feel like an ad.

Source: Converge Consulting

Collection Ads

Collection Ads on Facebook enable users to see a showcase of products and features seamlessly. It is meant to not disturb the user experience on the social media platform while crafting the brand’s story. When thinking about a creative strategy for Collection ads, keep in mind that this particular format exists to help users discover, browse and purchase your offerings in a visual way. Therefore, the imagery must be visually appealing and on brand.

Source: VentureBeat

These are influential ad types for the sophisticated social media audience today. On a daily basis, your consumers are bombarded with ads within their social newsfeeds, but these types of ad formats enable your audience to stop and interact with your ad. Engagement is imperative to the success of social media campaigns, so as brand advertisers, it’s important to take advantage of these now. Our creative team helps brands craft their stories in an immersive and compelling way to be able to capture their audiences efficiently and effectively. To learn more, or to see how our team can help, reach out to us at [email protected]