Expanding Creative Boundaries

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Creative | 0 comments

The creative advertising landscape is constantly evolving, due to the level of user-generated content, to the pace technology is heading, to the latest trends in social media. Dinesh Boaz, a photographer and Creative Director/Co-Founder of Direct Agents, runs the company’s creative content lab, DCL, and looks at creativity from a different perspective. He is working with his team to disrupt the way content is created for brands.

Dinesh has always been very involved in the creative space. His roots, beginning in recording music, have led him to photography and video. In the past year, his unique eye for photography has earned him features in many notable publications such as Conde Nast TravelerUntapped Cities, and FujiFilm.  His fine art photography print work helped him land as an artist-in-residence at the W Hotel NY in Union Square and become a finalist in the recent Jurored exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for photography.

Dinesh takes his creative energy and inspiration from his photography work and implements it into his work with brands. His photography around the world has helped grow his travel and lifestyle work, along with a growing list of brands that work with DCL.

In a recent collaboration, Dinesh partnered with the W Global Brand team to create a series of content pieces for their W Fort Lauderdale beach resort property. Through a mix of photography, time-lapse, stop motion, drone, and video on the ground, Dinesh, and his studio created a unique set of digital media assets. This series of videos, stop-motion, and photos showcase work across shoots in Florida, California, Hawaii, and NYC. It’s 100% original content and blends footage from multiple Sony cameras, drones, and a helicopter; yes, a helicopter. Dinesh and his DCL team are all about taking travel creatives to the next level, and it shows in their latest creative reel.

“Pushing boundaries seems to be the standard of what is expected today. Our creative studio looks at the 360-view of content and we try to break the rules of how creative is conceived,” said Boaz. “With the rapid rise of video and the technology and speed in which it can be created, we understand the importance of making something fresh, energetic, and visually cinematic.”

For more information on how DCL can take your brand to the next level, reach out to marketing@directagents.com.

To see more of Dinesh’s fine art photography and video work take a look at www.dineshboaz.com or IG: @beatsbydinesh