In a world where AI continues to redefine the boundaries of creative practices, the role of the creator has become all the more pivotal. From video production to graphic design, cutting-edge AI tools are transforming the landscape, enabling unprecedented efficiency and precision. At Direct Agents, our Creative Team is embracing this transformation, harnessing the power of AI to enhance their creative process. Here, they share how AI tools are not just reshaping their workflow, but are becoming integral to their creative journey.

Video POV

As a video creator, AI has had a profound impact on my post-production workflow. In the past, editing videos was a time-consuming and manual process, requiring extensive expertise and hours of labor. However, with the introduction of AI-powered creative tools and automated processes over the last five years, my editing process has become faster, more efficient, and incredibly precise.

AI-powered algorithms and platforms such as Adobe Sensei, Runway Gen 2, Synthesia, and numerous others analyze my footage, automatically detect scenes, recognize faces, track objects, and even generate assets from scratch. This saves me valuable time that I can now dedicate to other creative aspects of our work. Additionally, AI-assisted editing software provides intelligent recommendations, making it easier for our team to achieve the desired look and feel for our videos.

In the present, the introduction of tools like Adobe Firefly, Nvidia’s AI suite, and text-to-video platforms has further transformed the field of visual effects. AI algorithms and generative visual creation streamline tasks such as green screen keying, graphic design, animation, and creating variations for dynamic creative optimization (DCO) initiatives. These advancements require less manual effort and manpower, allowing us to create seamless and polished visual effects with greater ease and speed.

Looking to the future, AI holds even more exciting possibilities for video creators like myself and our team. As AI’s power and intelligence continue to grow in the creative field, the barrier between ideation and the final product will become thinner and faster. Rather than fearing the impending AI transition in the creative field, successful creators and collaborators will embrace these powerful tools to maximize creativity and efficiency in production and design. I eagerly anticipate the future possibilities AI will bring to enhance my video creations even further at Direct Agents.


Graphic Design POV

The release of Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop Beta today signifies a monumental step for the inclusion of AI in the design industry. Even before GPT chat and Jasper AI came out, several platforms were already attempting to replicate the format that Generative Fill now offers using simple web tools.  It’s important to remember that AI was never intended to replace creativity, and indeed, creativity cannot be replaced by any form of Artificial Intelligence.

Creativity is a fusion of human emotion and cognition. AI’s entry into the field of design has expedited the creative process, from conception to client delivery, particularly in the early stages of preparing design assets. As designers, we aim for precision, focusing on tasks such as background removal/replacement, figure retouching, light adjustment, and texture extension. All these tasks require our careful attention and interpretation. With the assistance of Generative Fill, we can not only achieve campaign objectives but often exceed them. For instance, we can create high-velocity sketches, save time from redundant retouching work, resolve image copyright issues, and more. This tool liberates us by handling basic operations, allowing us to concentrate on perfecting the final work and elevating the result to a whole new level of perfection.

As AI continues to evolve into a more sophisticated and professional tool, creative potential is set to grow alongside it. Designers will be empowered to create higher quality campaigns with richer content. AI will assist designers in elevating ideas and expanding possibilities. This seamless interaction between AI and design, which we refer to as “AI with a human touch,” enables us to amplify our voices and drive sales through larger marketing efforts. I am confident that this will elevate our creations beyond the baseline and exceed client expectations at Direct Agents.


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Yiping Liu, Graphic Designer, Direct Agents

Danny Potts, Senior Video Editor, Direct Agents