2022-2023: Outlook

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2022 was a year of tremendous growth and momentum for Direct Agents. Amongst other exciting initiatives, we invested time and care in our teams, strengthened strategies to help our clients with diverse projects, and launched our proprietary Kanopy AI technology. As 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on the past year with enthusiasm and a hunger for continued growth.

Internally, we prioritized collective growth and doubling down on our in-person culture. Over the past year, our team grew to be approximately 100 employees and will continue to expand in 2023. Through in-person events and team building opportunities, we allowed our company culture to thrive both in and outside of the office. Specifically, we worked on building up WoDA (Women of Direct Agents), our internal network of women that offers personalized training programs to develop leadership skills. By dedicating crucial time to this initiative, we equipped our female team members with the necessary tools to face challenges and advance their careers. 

Furthermore, we placed an even greater emphasis on DEI initiatives, both internally and externally. As stated by Managing Director and Co-Founder Dinesh Boaz, “diversity is in our DNA,” and has allowed us to positively impact client projects and conquer internal challenges with diverse perspectives. Specifically, our teams created growth strategies to help our clients hire and retain more diverse talent. We also continued to facilitate a safe environment for our employees to feel included, heard, and inspired. While these initiatives were major wins for Direct Agents, DEI will continue to be at the forefront of our overarching mission going into 2023.

The launch of Kanopy AI – our proprietary, data-based technology – allowed us to provide our clients with proven campaign results. Composed of our Bidding, Media Mix Modeling, and Forecasting technologies, Kanopy AI generates more efficient performance and raises the competition across industry platforms. Cross-departmental teams collaborated to release a whitepaper outlining the measurable impact of Kanopy AI’s bidding technology and multiple informational videos. Now heading into 2023, we plan to expand our Media Mix Modeling technology with more aggressive models and to release our Kanopy AI Amazon solution.

With these major accomplishments putting the wind in our sails, the team at Direct Agents looks forward to a promising 2023!

You can view our 2022-2023: Direct Agents Outlook video on our Youtube channel.

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