As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to disrupt daily life, people have adapted to staying in place and working at home. These behavioral changes do not end in the physical world as online shopping trends have shifted during the past few weeks. While conversion rates are trending down during this time of economic adversity, the time of day fluctuations for conversion rates has undergone a shift.

Historical analysis of eCommerce data shows that the periods from 9 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM are the highest points in the day for users converting on-site. However, this trend appears to have shifted as brands are seeing users convert more frequently during the 1 PM to 5 PM time frame. 

For example, consumer electronics’ conversion rates typically peak in the 5 PM-8 PM time period. However, during the past 3 weeks, users have been ordering at a 1% higher rate during that late afternoon period than in the evening. While this may not seem significant, historically the evening time frame sees conversion rates 26% higher than the late afternoon.

Additionally, while apparel conversion rates have historically been strongest during the 1 PM – 5 PM time frame, the trend has been accentuated here as this time period’s conversion rate is now 16% higher than the morning period, up from a 4% boost seen during “normal” time frames.

The world we find ourselves in is a world in constant flux. Luckily, via expert-level measurement and analysis capabilities, Direct Agents will continue to stay at the forefront of these trends and provide guidance during these trying times.

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– Jeff Ciesielski, Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence