Prime Big Deal Days, Amazon’s annual shopping extravaganza, drew in a plethora of eager shoppers this year. Now that the dust has settled, let’s delve into the details of shoppers’ expenditure, their preferred purchases, the demographic insights, and their overall assessment of the deals during this highly anticipated event.

Average Order Size & Household Spending

The typical order size during Prime Big Deal Days averaged at $53.47. While this number was slightly lower than what we saw during July’s Prime Day sale, it marked a slight uptick compared to last October’s Prime Early Access sale. Notably, more than half of households accounting for 55% placed multiple orders, contributing to an average household expenditure of approximately $124.09*.

Top-Selling Items

Prime Big Deal Days featured a diverse range of products, but a few items stood out as crowd favorites. Premier Protein Shakes, Amazon-branded batteries, and Amazon FireTV Sticks were among the most sought-after items. Impressively, over 60% of items purchased during Prime Big Deal Days were priced below $20. On the flip side, 4% of items crossed the $100 threshold, with an average expenditure of $27.90* per item.

Shopping Patterns

It’s evident that shoppers came with a game plan in mind. Nearly half of Prime Big Deal Days shoppers revealed that they snagged items they had been patiently waiting to buy at a discounted rate. A third of shoppers opted for items included in Prime Big Deals, while a quarter capitalized on the Lightning Deals offered.

Categories & Product Types

Prime Big Deal Days cast a wide net, catering to a variety of consumer interests. Shoppers dabbled in various categories and product types, with the following percentages of shoppers making purchases in each category:

  • Apparel & Shoes: 25%
  • Home Goods: 23%
  • Household Essentials: 21%
  • Beauty or Cosmetics: 19%
  • Toys & Video Games: 18%
  • Health & Wellness: 16%
  • Consumer Electronics: 15%
  • Pet Products: 12%
  • Groceries: 11%
  • Small Appliances: 10%

Across the various promotion types, 32% of shoppers snapped up items featured in Lightning Deals, while 45% capitalized on the general Prime Big Deal Days offerings. An impressive 27% seized the opportunity to purchase items they had been eagerly waiting to buy, while 25% began preparing for the upcoming holiday season*.

Who Were the Shoppers?

The typical Prime Big Deal Days shopper fits the profile of a high-income, suburban female between the ages of 35 and 44. Remarkably, a staggering 95% of shoppers were already aware that it was Prime Big Deal Days before visiting Amazon. For 85% of them, the sale was the primary motivation behind their shopping spree. Nearly three-fourths (72%) of Prime Big Deal Days shoppers also participated in Prime Day in July.

Shopper Satisfaction

The satisfaction level among Prime Big Deal Days shoppers was notably high, with 58% expressing their contentment with the deals on offer. A significant 55% of shoppers diligently compared prices at other retailers before finalizing their Amazon purchases. As we approach the holiday season, many Prime Big Deal Days shoppers are gearing up for more shopping, including participation in other pre-holiday sales like Target Circle Week and Walmart Deals – Holiday Kickoff. Over half of them also have their sights set on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Prime Big Deal Days has solidified its position as a major shopping event, attracting a diverse group of enthusiastic shoppers, offering a wide array of products, and leaving many highly satisfied with their purchases. As the eCommerce landscape continues to grow, this annual event promises to be a key date on the calendar for savvy shoppers seeking the best deals and discounts.

eCommerce Marketing Team

*source: Numerator Prime-Big-Deal-Days