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Join Us For Our Webinar With Facebook: Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Social Campaigns

You’re Invited!

Join experts from Direct Agents and Facebook on November 14th at 3 PM EST, for a webinar on maximizing the effectiveness of your social campaign!
The increase of popularity in promoting content and advertising across social channels has made it more competitive for brands looking to grow their business through Facebook and Instagram. In this webinar, Direct Agents and Facebook will discuss strategies for reaching and converting your target audiences efficiently and effectively in Q4 2017 and into 2018.


Date: Tuesday, November 14th

Time: 3 PM EST

Key Takeaways

1. Discover more audiences that convert

2. Identify and execute the best creative and placement options for your initiative

3. Learn strategies for building out complete conversion funnel

4. Understand why leveraging Facebook Lead Ads is crucial to acquiring customers


Jackson Richards, Direct Agents, Media Strategy Manager

Jackson Richards is a paid social expert and the Media Strategy Manager at Direct Agents. Jackson has worked in digital media since 2012. He began his career on the publisher’s side, helping publishers increase ad sales. At Direct Agents, he is the lead omni-channel media strategy for clients across many categories. He’s an expert in social media marketing and leads Direct Agents paid social media marketing team. Along with that, he leads a team of analytics within Direct Agents training desk and promotes the agency through thought leadership. Jackson graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelors in developmental psychology.

Connor Vorhaus, Facebook, Strategic Partner Manager

Since 2016, Connor Vorhaus has been a Strategic Partner Manager with Facebook. After earning his BA in communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Connor began his professional career as a Customer Experience Associate with the Boston-based fantasy sports platform, DraftKings. Now living in the great city of Austin, Texas, Connor proudly works in Facebook’s Partner Manager Team, coaching clients to successfully navigate and grow their businesses through the maze of an incredibly intense and rapidly shifting digital landscape.