We’re proud to announce our new event initiative “We don’t give swag, we give back.” As an agency, we host many thought leadership events and wanted to increase our commitment to giving back to our community by taking the funds we would normally spend on marketing swag and donating them to a local cause.

This initiative started with our April 10th Facebook event on personalization. Instead of spending on swag, we donated the money to a local charity named Avenues for Justice.

Avenues for Justice offers youths facing incarceration a second chance by providing a program focused on court advocacy, tutoring, mentorship, job-readiness training, and counseling. The program serves over 400 youths per year, spanning over 4 decades, and more than 90% of program graduates never commit another crime.

For more information or to donate: https://avenuesforjustice.org/

We look forward to continuing this initiative for our future events. For more information, or to get on our event email list, please contact [email protected]