Direct Agents is excited to share that our Creative Director and Co-Founder Dinesh Boaz has been chosen to judge this year’s OUTFRAME creative contest!

The OUTFRAME contest is an incredible opportunity for artists across the country to showcase their strongest work and with this year’s theme, BE:CAUSE, artists will have a chance to share art that shines a light on the causes that are most important to them. Last year, the FFS team participated in the competition and won for their ‘Selfless Love’ submission.

outframe winner 2020

‘The project was created through a combination of aerial photography, graphic design, and creative messaging. Through the sharing of our art, OUTFRAME provided us with a larger vision and a focus on energy and forward momentum,” Dinesh commented. “It’s exciting for me to make the transition from participant to the judges’ panel, and to gain inspiration from all the creative and brilliant minds that participate in this contest.”

For more information on the contest and details on how to enter, visit