Direct Agents is proud to support the Time To Vote initiative. Together, we hope to achieve greater participation in our country’s elections.

Time to Vote is a nonpartisan, business-led initiative to help ensure employees across America don’t have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. 

One of the most common reasons people give for not voting is that they’re too busy with the demands of work and life. To address this barrier and increase voter participation, companies made a commitment to ensure that their employees had a work schedule that allowed them time to vote in that year’s midterm elections. 

By joining Time to Vote, we commit to making accommodations for our employees that help enable them to vote, such as paid time off on Election Day, making Election day a day without meetings or providing resources for mail-in ballots and early voting. 

“From day one, Direct Agents team members are empowered to use their voices to collaborate, innovate and make an impact. But we don’t believe this should be limited to the workspace. One of the most impactful ways you can use your voice is by voting, and that is why we are proud supporters of the Time to Vote movement”, said Sara Martinez-Noriega, director of HR.

To learn more, or to become part of Time To vote, visit