Josh Boaz, Co-founder of Direct Agents, and Mat Zucker, a partner at Prophet, a global consultancy, have joined together to launch “Rising,” a bi-weekly podcast celebrating the fast movers in marketing, media, and innovation. 

Boaz and Zucker launched Rising as a way to highlight the builders and doers — those tagged to be the next future leaders. “So much focus in our industry goes to those already at the very top, but so much hard work is happening at all levels. We wanted to showcase those leaders rising up and learn what they see ahead,” said Boaz.   

Each episode features Boaz and Zucker asking guests about career trajectory, skills gained along the way, and the future trends. “The path for those making their way up can take many turns,” said Zucker, who writes frequently on marketing careers. “How do you switch into a new industry? Should you go to business school? We want to learn from the best about the choices they have made and how they made them.” In a special segment called “Thank You Notes,” guests recognize a person from earlier in their career who made a difference for them. 

Interviewees at launch include Joe Conyers of Songster and Amy Weisenbach of The New York Times. 

Episodes will be released on a bi-weekly basis and can be found at and through popular podcast platforms including, Anchor, Apple, Google, Spotify, and others. Subscribe today for notifications on new episodes.