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In today’s digital marketing world, marketers across industries are facing increasingly complex performance challenges. Cookies are crumbling, platform ad space continues to become more competitive, and media costs are rapidly rising. Combined with the fact that, by in large, advertisers have defaulted to using the same media platforms with the same native bidding algorithms, many are left wondering how they may combat these challenges and pull away from the pack. Luckily, there is Kanopy AI.

What We’re Solving

What is Kanopy AI?

Using proprietary algorithms, Kanopy AI consistently provides better and more efficient performance outcomes for all types of campaigns, strategies and industry verticals.

The Kanopy AI Product Suite

Kanopy Media
Mixed Modeling

Future proof measurement solution that moves beyond traditional cookie-based attribution, while providing brands with their optimal media mix to drive holistic growth. Use with Kanopy AI’s What If?” planning tool to understand how different budget scenarios impact the media mix and projected performance.


A true intelligent bidding differentiator that increases efficiency beyond the limits of native Amazon, Google, and Meta bidders with the use of real-time machine learning data processing and AI activation


Maximizes the performance potential of every dollar using machine learning to proactively adjust media strategies for what is about to happen, not what has happened.

Kanopy for

Our Kanopy Technology Suite for Amazon includes proprietary Share-Of-Voice measurement and bidding technology as well as the industry’s first and only On-Page Management & Optimization (FOMO) Technology for complete SEO & PDP measurement, feedback and optimization.

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