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Direct Agents Proprietary Technology White Paper

In today’s digital marketing world, marketing directors or CMOs in any industry have increasingly tough goals when it comes to CPCs and CPAs

With increasing competition and rising ad costs, this will only prove more difficult over time. One consistent challenge facing all marketers of different industries and brands is how to drive down acquisition costs while increasing acquisition volume.

Uncover Direct Agents’ proprietary Kanopy AI Technology in our white paper

  • Unpack the unique process behind the AI Bidding technology
  • Discover the technology’s impact by campaign type
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    Over the past 7-years, AI bidding technology has advanced significantly where once popular manual bidding and Enhanced CPC bidding – a precursor to full bidding automation – are now fast becoming relics of digital marketing’s past.

    Direct Agents’ team of marketers, engineers and data scientists could not accept this new state of the industry, nor agree with what seems to be an obvious conflict of interest where the media platform that makes money from bids is being entrusted to set bids on behalf of the brand it is making money from.

    For these reasons, we envisioned a new approach that none other had before. Download now to unpack Kanopy AI’s technology and impact.

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