Adobe MAX 2018 Conference

California has always been home for me, but this trip to Los Angeles for Adobe MAX 2018 was even more special. During this three-day conference, I was surrounded by over 14,000 creative professionals from around the world, and we were all there for the same purpose: to be exposed, inspired, and educated by some of the most influential content creators in the world.

AI vs Creative Thinking

The field of creativity will always be secured by the necessity of the human touch and creative thinking. With the advancements of artificial intelligence and automation, as technology enthusiasts, our work has become much more efficient across many functions. However, within the creative industry, ideation will always be valued and necessary for the greatest and most relevant results. AI and automation will serve as supplementary and as a tool for advancing the thoughts behind creative innovation.

How To Talk so Clients Will Listen and to Listen so Designers will Talk

I attended a session led by Bonnie Siegler, the founder of a design studio, on “How To Talk so Clients Will Listen and to Listen so Designers will Talk.” In this session, Siegler discussed how the nature behind creative unfortunately generates situations of discomfort when presenting concepts or designs to clients, and clients may also feel the same way when providing feedback for the work done by the agency. This session allowed me to understand how to best articulate design points to ensure an honest and fruitful conversation during reviews. But, the most important thing to always remember is that you need to believe in yourself to get others to follow you.

“Design with confidence. Be the creator for the possibilities of greatness.”

Advertisements that we create can be judged by anyone, whether it’s a visual critique or an assumption that we’re not delivering the brand’s exact message. If the creative team can prove all aspects of design, from concept to visualization to execution, then the brand will be open to acceptance and exploration. Develop a creative strategy to incorporate all of the brand’s elements from its roots, mission, values, audiences, and messages to craft the narrative for a full brand experience.

Creativity is Limitless

Last but not least, never forget that creativity is limitless! Every day, we’re exposed to a massive amount of content and try to fit into the norm of the current trends. As creative developers, we lean heavily on the trendiest events, but there is always room for creativity to go beyond the limits.