At Direct Agents, we believe that personal and professional growth can be progressed through dynamic work experiences and learning from thought leaders. Last week, some of our team members had the opportunity to attend CES — one of the largest and most influential tech events across the globe. After hearing from diverse industry leaders, we asked our team members to reflect upon their experience.

Here are our top 10 takeaways from CES:


1. While the Metaverse hype wanes, AR/VR/Web3.0 had a prominent presence throughout the CES show. Although big, splashy Metaverse activations are no longer all the rage, brands are looking for more practical ways to engage customers in the digital and virtual realms. 

2. Sustainability was a huge initiative at CES and front-and-center for a lot of brands booths, highlighting the social and environmental impact on technology. Agencies are starting to ask themselves, how can we hold our partners accountable and contribute to the greater cause?

3. Simply put, immersive tech was everywhere — there are even new VR tools that bring smell into the virtual world! With this, channels like Podcasting are starting to hop on the immersive experience trend. Platforms like SirusXM are exploring ways to bring in companion video content to make the podcast experience more engaging. 

4. Although subscription fatigue is real, ad-based subscriptions appeal to streamers using multiple platforms and present more opportunities for brands to reach their target audience. 

5. Creativity still remains top of mind in the over-saturated streaming market, especially as subscription fatigue continues to rise. The value of long-term, high-quality creativity and storytelling is crucial to building a loyal fanbase.

6. Training and onboarding are a big area that can benefit from the Metaverse. At the C-Stage, companies like NBC & Meta spoke about how most companies’ onboarding experiences have room for improvement and how the Metaverse is already looking to improve that experience. 

7. CES made it clear that AI is at a turning point – not only in its exciting consumer products, but also in how marketers integrate it into the day-to-day workflows. These tools are quickly shifting from being seen as futuristic to powerful must-have tools that advertisers need to embrace.

8. AR technology continues to innovate through social media platforms. It connects consumers to product information and to each other by combining elements of AR content creation, product information, and conversations around the product in one place.

9. Brands are leveraging technology for inclusive practices. A common theme across the entire convention floor emulated technology for equality, care, and creating a better world for humanity’s sake. 

10. We were inspired to see the growing presence of and opportunity for women in the technology industry, despite it being primarily male-dominated. The Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge provided a space to network and collaborate with women across the industry who are sparking change and breaking down barriers to equalize the playing field.

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Monnica Farag, Director of Growth Strategy, Direct Agents

Corey Levine, VP of Integrated Media, Direct Agents