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Step up your marketing efforts to ensure your brand stands out amongst this year’s fierce Q4 Amazon competition. Amazon will be a main shopping destination this holiday season, so let’s get your brand set up for success.

Join us for our Amazon holiday planning webinar on September 15th! Register now to learn key strategies for standing out in the increasingly competitive Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Holiday Planning Strategies to Win a Hyper-Competitive Q4

In our September 15th session, our team will unpack the below:

Webinar Agenda:

  • Don’t Sacrifice Brand Awareness for the Sake of RoAS: Awareness efforts are just as important as your lower funnel efforts. A well-thought-out full-funnel strategy is essential for reaching users at each stage of their purchase journey. Learn how to effectively balance your funnel and optimize sales for maximum impact.
  • Think Outside the Box for Q4: Competition will be even stronger this year, so marketers need to think of new ways to resonate with their consumers before peak events. Tune in as we unpack potential external traffic drivers to capitalize on and other lead-in strategies you can add to your test-and-learn strategy.
  • Modernize Your Path to Purchase: Our team of experts can help you adapt your strategy to focus on consumer choice and make the purchase process as convenient as possible.
  • Think Long-Term: Looking forward to 2022: Q4 marketing efforts have exposed your brand to new customers and audiences. Effective segmentation of those consumers can allow for upselling in the future and increase the lifetime value of your customers. We will dive into how you can maximize your advertising costs through retargeting efforts.

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