Advertising Week is a global marketing and communications summit that brings together leaders and innovators from across the marketing, advertising, technology, and culture industries. This year’s New York event centered around the theme of “Celebrating the Confluence of Culture, Commerce, and Creativity,” consisting of over 300 hybrid events and featuring over 800 guest speakers.

Direct Agents team members from across departments attended 40+ events over the week of October 17th-20th, covering topics from advertising insights to data in marketing to brand experimentation and more.

When the summit concluded, we asked our team members to reflect upon their AdWeek experiences and share any learned insights. Here are some of their takeaways:

    • Although not a new concept, one of the biggest takeaways from AdWeek was hearing executives stress that empathy is one of the most powerful leadership qualities and something every company should strive to install within their company culture.
    • It’s important to take a step back from your day-to-day work every once in a while and tune into the macro views of this industry – whether that be by attending a conference, communicating with other personnel in the industry, etc. Listening to the conversation that CMO’s, CCO’s, and other executives of powerhouse brands are having can provide new perspectives on the ever changing digital landscape and teach you ways to improve your own business strategy.
    • I loved hearing from women leaders in the advertising field as it provided me with a greater perspective in terms of company culture on the personal impact I can have in the workplace. It reinforced the importance of lifting up both myself and other women in the industry and revealed next steps that I can take to break the glass ceiling.
    • It’s critical for small businesses to have a digital footprint in order to compete against existing and/or larger industry brands.
    • When brands work with talent, talent should drive the content rather than the brand. This allows for a more authentic partnership and dynamic campaign result. Ex: Brand X is giving me the opportunity to do this project vs. Brand X is paying me to do this project.

At Direct Agents, we prioritize real world connections and learning experiences. We are thrilled that so many of our team members were able to attend AdWeek events and were enthusiastic about sharing their thoughts.

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